In august I received a bill ,but no credit for return 137.00 including postage . If you had sent the order proper .

Initials, size heal protection . You did not . I ordered #3 items and only received 1 wig , I called but was treated a little rood . I have my receipt for return , why is this not credit .

as you owe me 72.00 $ I will not pay for what was not received nor got what I ordered I had asked for boots to be replaced but so far ,I have been not seen any credit or boots or why this error has caused a problem . I am sure it human error . one I am not paying for . As i do not think you would either .

Account # 503 391 365 8550. I am hoping we can handle mistake , and stop billing me for it .

I am upset at credit not receiving order as it was placed , n this hastle . I am not interested in any fix it solution or your products , I would like my money back

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