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Correction: The ***'s name is spelled Nikki, not Nikky. She also goes by Nicolette.

Just in case you wish to research her further to see if she owes others. I have already contacted the Sacramento Police Department AND the Ventura Police Department.

She needs to go down for this. Can't wait until they lock her disgusting tail up!

Original review posted by user Mar 17, 2014

Nicolette "Nikki" Campos works at a barkeep for several bars in the Sacramento/Ventura, CA area, because that is all she is good for...except conning innocent men. Met her while she bartended at a Bombay Bar and Grill in Ventura. While I was a bit intoxicated, she stole my wallet and tried to open several credit cards in my name. She also purchased a couple of items at Bed Bath and Beyond and Bath and Body Works. She cannot be trusted! She is working with this other dude as well. I place pictures online in case others have been conned by her. I heard she tried to *** someone else in the east coast when she lived there (NYC) in 2012.

If you see her, call the cops! She has several warrants for her arrest. She is also dangerous. Please do not approach her! Just call the police!

Her twitter name is @NCCPANTS.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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She is a nice lady. She used to date LadySnot


You need to stay away from alcohol and find a better class of woman.

Utah, United States #912875

*** she can *** me any day. show me the arrest warrent.

Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #825187

She works in west sac...ups

to John Sacramento, California, United States #911985

She still work there. She's a weirdo


You too?! I knew something was off with her.

Always kissing tongue with the first man she meets.Another friend complained, but I didn't believe him. I knew she couldn't be trusted.

Dallas, Texas, United States #795754

So you were intoxicated right?Please tell us readers the true story of how this woman got your wallet?Where you trying to "TRICK" With her and This is how she got your wallet?Don't play Hate Congraduate Fool.I bet the next time you go to a bar you will not get so intoxicated.Men like yourself always has a lame story to tell about something that you caused to happen.I bet the girlfriend or Wife isn't to happy with you now or Does she know what happen to you?

to ***nie Ventura, California, United States #795763

Hey Connie, if you don't know, don't comment. It sounds to me you've been manhatin' for a while now...your man left you down in lil' ***, Texas?!

You don't know if the victim was *** and simply was having a convo with the b×tch! Let's not make assumptions...unless you want others to make assumptions about you.

to Kate #806608

Tell her, Kate! :grin

to ***nie Absecon, New Jersey, United States #932893

What difference does it make , she stole the guys wallet and

Tried to purchase things and open credit cards....That gives her the right, Yeah I don't think so!

She is a ***! I'm sure this is her primary job ripping men off

After she serves gets them drunk...

to ***nie #1029025

Heh heh heeeeh!!

to ***nie #1103270

Connie. You c $nt

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