I purchased a 40" philips flat screen LCD tv.After 14 months the item quit working.

The repairman said upon initial appt. that the item would need to be completely rebuilt, and that would take a month. I said no way, and returned it instead. Having lost total confidence in the brand, I chose another, Toshiba.

After 12 and a half months(Ihad a one year warranty) this one quit working also. Now I have to come up with another $1,000 bucks to do it again as if i was masochistic. What gives with this new technology? Can we not have any confidence in our purchases anymore?

Before this my 19" mitsubishi gave me 29 years of trouble free service.

When we spend a thousand bucks on one of these tv's, should'nt we at least expect a few years of service for our hard earned money.I can't even afford to buy another one now if I wanted to!

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Get a life you loser. Just like your complaints # 291938 and 291940, it sounds like you need to get a life asap.


@kbone222....Hate to hear that you have had so many problems..dang!I have always had Samsung, LG or sharp and so far Sharp has been GREAT!!

I Bought a Sharp HDTV '36' flat screen in 2008 and have had NOT one single problem with this tv....and thats a first!! My opinion they are great, I have always had the Sharp name products and never had any problems with any of them.

Good luck man!:)

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