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They advertise on TV and Smart phone they will give you the product for $29.99 and get your credit card and tell you the cost. Next day you get an email that reads triple the amount for 3 months supply . They letter disguised it 3 peice and alot of sales talk. You call...
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ordered product end of mar. pc said product was in stock , kept calling about order got one rude person after another which really peed me off!!i waqnt my prdouct or my money back bunch of nonsense and hooplah!! false advertising that product was in stock...will never...
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I didn't use the card much. So much so that I didn't check the statement very frequently. I missed a payment. This is my fault of course, but capital one did not send me an email or give me a call or send me a letter telling me that I missed a payment for...
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Another complaint on insurance compaines. Nodays you go to the doctor because you are ill. Not for the fun or expense of it. Can they find the cause ? Why no...take a pill and you may get better...cover up the problems. Dont go to hospital and have tests run or tests...
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So what? You want the doctor to run your test for free and suck up the expense because your ***-poor insurance doesn\'t cover it? How is that your doctor\'s fault? If he ha...

Most states require you carry auto insurance. It is demanded. You pay high prices for auto insurance for years or even a few years. Then low and behold you have a claim or like me 2 claims in 2 years. (but you have paid your premiums for 15 or more years with same...
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Am so mad they charge my credit card twice but i never receive the product. That is not a good customer service if you intent to sell your product. Everytime i call them the no answer people don`t trust them. I don't understand why you have to start a company and...
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