Went to Yang for implant dentures. Spent close to $30,000 for him to design and fabricate both upper and lower implant dentures.

We had to After 18 months, the upper denture became stuck for days and I could not get it out of my mouth. The lower denture has metal showing through the plastic where it does not fit properly with the upper denture. Went to Yang twice for him to examine and fix this. Both times he denied there was a problem, nothing wrong at all!

Next, upper denture became completely stuck - unable to remove it. So, I went to a prosthodontist in Phoenix, and after special cone X rays and measurements with extremely technical equipment, this specialist advises both upper and lower implant dentures must be replaced, at a cost of over $40,000. I have a 6 page, detailed report from this prosthodontist describing the faults and failures of Yang's design and fabrication. Dr.

Marischen is a professor of dentistry and is often called as an expert witness. There is no disputing the poor workmanship by Yang. Dr. Marischen has vast education and decades of specialized experience with implants.

His report proves Yang's work to be a failure. We were cheated out of $29,000 by Yang - he refused to admit there was even a problem with his work when his denture became stuck and the lower denture wore *** through it because of poor fit! Beware of this dental practice!

He started out a really nice guy with me, and was new at his practice when I first went to him. Somewhere in between his Honda and his Maserati he lost his character.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dentistry Doctor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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