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paid for lg hbs 730 tone plus never got it paid for it on 12/22/2013. i want my money back or product the right product.

i hope we can straighten this out soon. i work to hard for my money to let you'll steal it. i need my product or money asap. i've waited long enough for it.

now i'm out rate about it . i need to know asap what you'll going to do about it . someone need to contact me asap.

i will be on the lookout for it or my money. you need to do right by people .

Monetary Loss: $57.

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You aren't going to accomplish any of the things you want on this web site. You are whining on general complaint site.

You have to go to the company's web site to complain if you want results and even then going by the complaint you posted here I don't think you will accomplish anything. Before any complaint can be taken seriously, you really have to learn how to capitalize, spell, punctuate, and use proper grammar.

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