Dear *** Network Executives,

It is not the 70's where viewers have 4 channels to choose from and viewers now have hundreds of channels to choose from, as well as DVR's,TiVo, DVD's, streaming and other viewing options. As such you are not going to have the same viewership that you had in the 70's. Therefore using the same worn out process to determine what shows are viable and what shows are not does not work.

Aiming for the elusive 18-40 demographics proves you are idiots for the following reasons:

18-25 year olds are in college, have minimum wage jobs, interested in electronics, partying or have small children. They are studying, partying, have no money or all of their money is being spent on their children, school, electronics or partying. They have little time or interest in TV.

26-30 year olds are starting a career, partying, starting a family with small children or only interested in electronics. Their money is being spent.on their children, partying or electronics. They have little time or interest in TV and there is no $$ for frivolous spending.

30-35 Children are in school, but still costs a great deal of $$. Careers may or may not be established, but they still have little time or interest in TV. They may or may not still be interested in partying, but their interest is still all about socializing. They definitely still have an interest in electronics, but it has most likely become less about gaming and more about streaming. They still have little $$ for frivolous spending.

35-40 Children are teens and the expense is the same. Socializing has become less of a priority as they are now concentrating on saving $$ for college for their children so they may watch TV more when they can get it away from their children. Either way they are not interested in TV.

Over 40 Children are on their way to college, working, or partying so there is more time for TV. they have little or no interest in socializing as often. Career has settled into a decent wage and work hours, so there is more time for TV. $$ is a bit more stable so there is a bit left for frivolous spending.

Using the worn out way of collecting data as to what viewers are watching is also idiotic. People are using various options to watch shows and your data collection does not present accurate information on what is popular and what sucks.

The loyal viewers want content that is entertaining, has a plot, is consistent, is entertaining, an actual story line and will be around longer than 13 episodes. What they do not want is a network with 75% reality *** and 25% worth watching.

Why don't you do something novel, like actually finding out what viewers watch, how they watch it and keep or create shows aimed at the audience with the time and money to satisfy your sponsors.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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