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i'm not pissed or displeased but got a card in the mail for my order and i forgot something so you can finish my order. i tried to find a place where i could find out what i forgot and i can't find a place to do this.

i work part time and have to have my phone off so i din't realize you were trying to get in touch with me.

i will be home now for few days so please give me a call so we can get this done. 1-608-548-1759 or 1760 the last number is my husbands thanks

joella smith

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This has to be the most incoherent post I have ever seen. The very title is bewildering but the body doesn't help in the least to clear up what this woman is trying to communicate.

It's as if she thinks her intended audience is just going to be roaming around this site and happen upon her post. Cognitive disorder?

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