WOW! My story is quite similar. I was also pursued by Nationwide Relocation, Bruce Rodriguez was my rep. Bruce was relentless in pursuing my business. I got other quotes from other moving companies, but Nationwide's quote was a lot less than other companies. So, naturally, I went with Nationwide. When my items were picked up by Cross Country Van Lines, the weight was more than quoted by NR. I ended up paying over $6,300 to Cross Country Van Lines and Nationwide Relocation respectively. When the movers picked up my things they asked me if I could pay all or part of the balance by cash as it took their New Jersey office a long time to pay. I did pay a small portion in cash which I will never see again. Wow! Now this all makes sense.

My move was from California to Honolulu, HI. CCVL picked up my things on Friday, Oct 16, 2009. My shipment was due to arrive by Nov 29, 2009. It arrived on Dec 9, 2009. Since Dec 9th, the container had been sitting at the Honolulu Port as CCVL owed the port monies in arrears and they would not release the container until paid in full. I have been calling CCVL and sent them emails with no response. I have also been communicating with NR on this issue and finally after much stress and frustration caused to me, they have stepped up and paid the Hawaii port on behalf of CCVL.

Today, I get a call from WPR Hawaii stating that they are going to get my things delivered either this week or next week. They told me that Cross Country Van Lines is out of business. I can not believe what an ordeal this has been. I clearly have a claim for delay in delivery, but was told not to file the claim until I received the shipment to make sure there are no damaged or missing items. I am REALLY CONCERNED NOW, after reading the other persons note. So, now that CCVL is out of business, I am wondering if Nationwide Relocation will honor my claim re "delay in delivery"??? Nationwide Relocation has offered me a full refund of the deposit I paid them, but with strings attached. In order to process the refund, they are requesting me to sign a legal document. I am not willing to sign anything with strings attached. I am seeking legal counsel on this situation. CCVL is nothing but shysters. My moving contract was with Nationwide Relocation and I was never privy to what moving companies they use to outsource the move. CCVL took my money and held my things hostage in Hawaii. How can people like this be in business and rip off people. INSANE! The Attorney General should be and will be notified of this racket.

Not only that I had rented an apartment so that I would be ready for my household goods and I had to vacate the premises as it made no sense to continue to pay rent for a relatively empty apartment. I lost my deposit as I had to break the 6-month lease. This is just not right. I regret the service and delay this has caused me and I would not recommend Nationwide Relocation. They dragged their feet in resolving this situation sooner.

Tomorrow will be 3 Months that my things have been sitting at Port. Thank goodness the recent tsunami warning did not cause any damage here in Honolulu, as it was quite scary to think that the container with my life's belongings could have been washed to sea. At this point, I have no idea on what to expect once the container arrives.

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Marcia, your belongings will be picked up from L.A to HI by a carrier that nationwide hired next week.


Hope you got your stuff.My Cross Country things have not left California to Hawaii yet.

They were picked up on Jan 8 and Am Van Lines (coordinator) is helping me find where my things are. They think that they are in the Los Angeles warehouse and are trying to get the owner of the building to give them access. Is WPR, West Point Relocation? They were a no-show on my moving day and I ended up with Cross Country.

I lost the money I had paid West Point. I was told that West Point Relocation was out of business.

If you have more info to add, pls email me at marcia.minni@yahoo.com.I won't be checking back to this website.

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