Many people in America think those people from Europe and those Victoria models or other European models don't use make up and are natural beauty. Media discovered that mostly al white women uses make up because the skin provides a too thin natural appeal on screen. That's why many models uses cosmetics. Many African and Asian women who are modelling show real appearance of urban skill color and got guild feeling when not showing the real side of their face.

Many white colored models are having a high status in de modelling career and must safe their image meaning hiding their faces for always in make up. So you barely see a famous model going out without make and that means for the though critics no real model but glamour models in catwalks and campaigns. All your life you where looking a women who wasn't that on screen but only decent looking with make up. Second the cheat their way out with their tall height of 1.80 and males of 1.85 but still having old faces without make up (rimples, red skin tones, acne, unfair pigtation, pigmentation problems, disshaped noises).

Third they hide their older type of faces with expensive A brands and make up and beautiful clothing wich makes their pictures on screen and magazines more beautiful with an A brand that boost their image. Female and male together in a model Industry.

Fourth, training for months for female or male does not make you a model but a model must have a natural body of thin size. Artificial muscle package with steroids are prohibited for every male model. Doutzen Kroes does the fitness of a man to stay thin and slim, she works out on the camera and then diets, this is very bad for the health of women.

Fifth, the models don't eat, women and male to maintain an artificial youth. Mostly african, east european and asian models have a thick bone structure and thick skin. Doutzen Kroes eat's less to maintain a small size and to be a model. What happens if she eat's normal her weight because 67kg at least but then she is not a model. Industries are made to be artificial and are created for the eye. If you eat less to be a model you are not a model.

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They only want you when your seventeen, when your twenty-one, your no fun.


lol what


How is this relevant to this site?


When you start thinking too much about something, such as models, you begin to obsess about them, and then begin to get envious of them. They work harder than you think to maintain their appearances.

The photos you posted above looked to be beautiful white girls without makeup, with the exception of the first girl, who appears to be in light makeup. They have a natural beauty that the cameras love. When you enhance that natural beauty with good makeup, you have a truly WOW photo shoot. Many models don't have to do anything extraordinary to maintain a thin weight, and many of them just always eat right, with room for occasional treats.

If you eat a low carb diet, you too, can lose weight. That's an easy diet that I personally know works, and you don't starve on it by any means. It's a great diet for diabetics,

too, which my husband is.

If you begin to take pains with your appearance now, you will be amazed at how you look to yourself and to to others in a very short time.

Perhaps if you smile more often, and give others a break, and remember that we all have our issues to deal with, you will begin to feel better about the world. If someone is being mean or nasty to you when you are out, smile at them, and remember that they may have gotten some bad news, or maybe their home life isn't as good as yours.

If your issue is that white people seem to get more breaks than Asians or Africans, just take note of the fact that more people of all colors are getting opportunities to shine in whatever they do best. They have to do the work to make that happen, though.

If you want a good job, where people appreciate you, go get the education to do so. If you can't go to school, work two jobs to make your dreams happen, and learn to do every single thing you can in that job. When you begin to look indispensable to a company, you begin to make more money, which can help you to fulfill your dreams. I worked for a temp agency years ago, and when the companies they sent me to would ask for a volunteer to do something else, I would raise my hand, even when I had never done that particular task before.

I wanted to learn to do everything. It paid off, in that those companies would call back and request me again.

You should look deep inside yourself to find the reasons you are resentful of anyone else. No amount of hatred can put you forward in this life.

I know that the Democrats in this country make people think they are owed something, but that is really untrue.

Remember the words of John F. Kennedy: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

Doing something good for your country or for individuals, is the best way to start to feel good about yourself, and then you can learn to let go of the hate and resentment, and possibly racist feelings that you harbor now. Good luck to you.


This is a meaningless rant, and you should be ashamed for wasting everyone's time.


I Can't read what you wrote you illiterate *** clown. Learn about spell check and proper grammer, never mind just kill yourself please so you can't reproduce. Also if you have already have kids, I hope they forget how to read so they can follow your horrible rant then possibly explain it to me.



Good god get to the f-ing point...ramble much?

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