This man is a private tutor based in Bradford. He has lied about his Education on his LinkedIn profile and he is denying the act entirely.

I have evidence of this fact and have contacted universities to verify it.

This is just another case that highlights the problems of a self-regulating private tuition market.

Aminur Chowdhury's Education

University of WarwickBSc Economics, Politics and International Studies2002 – 2005

Grade: N/AActivities and Societies: Communications Officer, Islamic Society; Vice-President, Economics Society; President, Bangladeshi Society; Captain, Westwood Halls Football.Bradford Grammar School1995 – 2002

Activities and Societies: Debate Team; Captain of Chess Society; Captain of 5-a-side Football; Rugby XV member; Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) speaker; School Prefect.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Where’s Aminur these days? Has he joined President Trump, deciding to build the wall in Mexico singlehanded?


I am Aminur Chowdhury.

I would like to go on record to apologise to anyone and everyone I might have saddened or hurt, including my family and friends and others in my life.

I would, importantly, like to apologise to Tom or Thomas Casagranda, also.... Tom, I lied to you 2-3 years ago about there being a Latin competition that I entered.

I did not enter any Latin competition and I asked you to complete an assignment that I knew to be an Open University assignment. For the record, I informed the Open University about this in the end and they did fire me from the course and from the university totally. For the record, I will go on to say that it is never ever good to lie to anybody and never good to lie about an assignment at university. It is better to ask for an extension if you are having trouble with the material or to ask for further help from your academic tutor.

I'm very sorry to have involved you, Tom or Thomas and you were right to inform Open University about me plagiarising the work.

I am trying to be as balanced as possible about this all and I hope that people will not try to sabotage my true intentions to be honest, here. Tom - I've no doubt that you are excellent at Latin. You have gained a Master's degree (merit) and that is no mean feat. So, congratulations.

But please don't pour scorn on me when I state that your assignment that you did for me received only 73%. You do not know of it at the time, but I was studying 2 Latin modules concurrently. I can honestly tell you, in person even, that the assignment which you attempted was a component of the harder of the modules (BOTH MODULES WERE POST-GCSE LATIN MODULES AND I DO HAVE AN A* GRADE AT GCSE IN LATIN AT AGE 16 YEARS OLD - I CAN PROVE THIS TO YOU, TOM OR THOMAS CASAGRANDA). I still have the papers to prove that all my marks prior to the assignment you attempted and which I asked you to complete, my worst mark was 85% (I was upset with myself at this mark at the time) and the mean average mark in all of the other assignments was 97%.....

Yes, granted, Thomas or Tom, I thank you for attempting your piece - the one I asked you to attempt - but I wish that I had not asked you to attempt it. Why? 1) It is WRONG to cheat and everybody in the world can learn from me lesson 2) Although you have a Master's degree in Latin, Tom or Thomas, I can honestly say that with a bit of self-patience and a bit more composure and asking my Open University academic tutor for guidance, I could have scored upwards of 90% on that assignment. 3) I could have paused my study at the time and come back to that particular assignment the following year, resuming from where I had left.

This, too, Tom or Thomas, would have been much better, much fairer - fairer on open University, fair on you (as you would not then have been involved in my fault - it wasn't ever your fault) and fairer on me. Thomas or Tom - you're a good guy and I'm sorry again. Plagiarism should and must be stopped at every opportunity and I join you in condemning any student who considers plagiarism. My only ask of students contemplating plagiarism is: Have a good think?

You should take pride in your own work, however good or however bad it achieves. At least you can hold your head high and sleep at night knowing it was your own work. There is no honour in gaining a high grade from others' works. Tom or Thomas, thank you for informing Open University about my plagiarism.

You did the right thing.

I would like to say a word or two about other things discussed about me here:

2003 Indecent Assault & Harrassment of Shurma Uddin in 2012 In the 2003 case and story, I would like to sincerely apologise to the lovely lady whom I assaulted and sat/stood on for 45 seconds. I can genuinely say that I was a troubled young 19 year old at the time. The people from Warwick university, at the time, who were my friends or my ex-girlfriend who got to know me in the year prior to this event and in the two years immediately after this event should (if they are genuine true people) testify that I was sorry to all. The only person who knew about this from Warwick University at the time before my sentencing on 1 December 2003 was my ex-girlfriend, a girl my age, called Panchali Sarmah .

Neither the university nor my friends at Warwick University were told and they found out about the sentencing upon reading the papers and then approaching Panchali, or so I was later told. I am very sorry to the lovely lady that this assault happened to. After this incident in July 2003 (date of event) I remember approaching the police station in Bradford and reporting my self in to the police. (Tom or Thomas Casagranda, if you wish to check up on the facts about this, as you like to do, then feel free to find it out if this was true or not, if I handed myself in).

I was questioned in 2 interviews, I admitted my guilt and I was remanded for 4 days before a Magistrates' court hearing which gave me bail. In October, I was PRS'd (Pre-Sentencing Report) and on 1 December I was incarcerated for 18 months, later reduced to 8 months, of which I served 104 days in custody and the rest on tag licence. I would like to say, on my own life and on the lives of all the people I care about in this country and in the world, that everything that I am about to say is true and fact. if not, may God have his way with me.

The event of Indecent Assault in July 2003 and with which I was later incarcerated for, was my fault and my fault alone. There are many things to this very day that I wish I should have done and could have done to prevent even being in that place at that time doing that horrible thing. But let my Warwick friends - people like Andy, Shamir, Vikesh, Amit, Kunal, Indrajit and the friends of Panchali (Juliet, Annet, Mehul) - dare to deny it, for if they do, then may God have his way with them as liars. Panchali Sarmah whom I met in February 2002 (5 months prior to my indecent assault case) and with whom I was in a relationship at Warwick University, cheated on me 7 times (to my counting, and possibly more times that I did not see or were told about).

The first time that cheating on me happened in the relationship and that I was definitely told about the cheating by Panchali herself was when she (Panchali) visited her friend, Evie, at Oxford University and she met a boy on a night out at St Hugh's College, oxford University. It was on the Monday or Tuesday upon her meeting me in a cafe at warwick University that Panchali told me that it had happened but that she still wanted to be with me and she was sorry. I forgave her (again, may God have his way with me if I am lying). By this time, I had fallen in love with her (Panchali) and i forgave her instantly.

Except that it had happoened continuously and it became a pattern of Panchali's behaviouir where she would go out on a night out at the Warwick students' union or to a nightclub in coventry or Leamington and she would cheat on me by kissing a guy. I recall, once, that she was on a night out with me, then she asked me to go downstairs and then by the time I returned, she was kissing a guy on the dance floor. I am not lying, Tom or all the others who might jump to attack me on here. As I type, I recall another incident when it happened again, this time in front of my friends Vikesh and Amit.

And then once, at the beginning of the second year, in Leamington Spa in a nightclub when she was eyeing up one of my best friends, Shamir, all evening long and he had the decency and the wisdom to not let it affect him. It wasn't just relationship-cheating torture, but mental torture, too, by Panchali Sarmah to me in 2002. By the summer of 2002, when students had sat their exams and had left for the summer, I was a troubled man and I wanted to forget about Panchali Sarmah. Because I made Panchali Sarmah the centre of my world between February and June 2002, I had to withstand her cheating on me with other young men and I put up with her mocking me or outright bullying me verbally.

I should have told her she shouldn't be doing this but I didn't as often as I should have told her. i think my friends like Shamir had seen what was going on and they distanced themselves from Panchali but I showered her with more attention, taking her out to meals in leamington Spa and spending my student loans money away on expensive restaurants for us both. I ended up failing 3 of the 6 modules in the first year of BSc Economics, Politics & International Studies, consigned to have to suffer the shame of repeating the exams for these modules in September 2003. I even remember that I did not even turn up to one of the exams with Panchali, that morning, sleeping on my bed while I sat on the floor disbelieveing what mess I had got myself in to.

When the summer (2003) started, I tried to get myself together. It was an opportunity to forget about my first year disgusting marks and my complete non-attendance of an exam and about Panchali Sarmah, who in my opinion had hurt me so intensively in only 3-4 months (February 2003-June 2003) that I did not even touch my mobile phone. I only stayed in touch with my core warwick university friends such as Andy (my school friend at bradford Grammar School studying at Warwick also) and Shamir and Amit and Kunal (Kunal was going through a period of depression I believe, bless him, and he counted on my support which I gave to him over the phone even if he was in london - he later dropped out of Warwicvk University). But Panchali one day contacted me and I felt helpless.

I was scared to talk to her, I was scared to even articluate myself. The confidence that I had before i ever met her was down the drain. I never even told Panchali that I had failed 3 modules and it might be because I had given all my time to her in those 3 months. All I will say is that I was a broken young man, and even troubled.

I tried not to respond to Panchali by text message or by phone call. She was initiating texts, saying why had i forgotten about her etc. I could not bring myself to tell her that I was in a financial mess for investing so much money on us (of the very little money that I had been givenof a students' loan), and that I was in an academic and emotional mess. Even my friend from school in Bradford, Sheraz, said I had completely changed from the young confident guy who had left school to this inarticulate person after first year of university at warwick.

The evnt of 2003 indecent Assault happened when I was a very young 19 year old, inexperienced, slightly immature, troubled person. I have never since, in my entire life, committed such an incident on any person. Indecent Assault is a shame on me and I accept responsibility for it. I am not going to blame Panchali Sarmah totally for my lack of judgement, but in that summer I certainly became a financially, emotionally and academically a truly broken 19-year-old person.

I did not have over 12 years of adult-like experience to count upon as I do have now, in order to put things in to perspective. Panchali Sarmah was my first true love - what else is texting somebody at 4am in the morning after 1 month in a relationship? What else is saying to someone (Panchali) 'I love you' in my best friend's (Andy) room in a hall of residence. At that time, with no relationship experience that Panchali had in abundance comparatively, I felt my world to be completely destroyed.

Completely. I felt it better to not live than to inform my friends that I had failed my exams or to tell them that Panchali was hurting me mentally and emotionally. And so I never, to this day, told even my family or my friends that I was to resit my modules because they were so used to seeing me gain A* grades at GCSE and straight A grades at A-level, it would have been a shock to them. I never was experienced in budgeting as a student.

I just spent money after money (of my £3,000 loan) on nights out and on restaurant food for Panchali and me. Tom Thomas - you can not cheat your way to achieve 7 A* grades at GCSE (year 200). At Bradford Grammar School, they check thoroughly everything: your coursework (controlled assessments in the classroom vigilantly supervised by a specially assigned teacher) and your items before you enter the examination room. They check your pencil cases, your books, your trouser pockets.

Bradford Grammar School should take no blame for my subsequent shame and my fall from grace after A-levels. Bradford Grammar School is a wonderful school, rated Outstanding, rated one of the best schools in the north of England which has a very healthy proportion of its leaving students going on to further studies in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Classics, Modern and Foreign Languages, Art (David Hockney), Music (Frank Delius the composer), Politics (the late Denis Healey, Chancellor of the Exchequer and a Classics graduate from Oxford University; as well as Alastair Campbell special aide to Tony Blair in 1990s and 2000s alongside Peter Mandelsohn) and Sports (Alistair and James Brownlee, adrian moorhouse - all 3 Olympic gold or bronze medallists). I note that you, Thomas or Tom, have called Bradford Grammar School a 'low rent' school on this forum. £12,000-a-year is not low rent for anybody; it is a respectable amount of money to pay for even the richest and a lot of money to pay for one child for the less lucky in wealth).

Bradford Grammar School holds its own by attracting students from across Yorkshire including Leeds, the Kirkless and the Calderdale region. The school provides at least 20-25 students to either Oxford University or Cambridge University each year, with those students going on to lead very respectable, if not distinguished, careers in their chosen professions. I do not wish for Bradford Grammar School to take any hit for my lack of judgement at 19 years old, or at 26 years old, or at 50 years old, or at 80 years old, or at 100 years old. Tom or Thomas Casagranda, you and others have also referred to my incident with Miss Shurma Uddin of Burnley in relation to the Harrassment case of 2013.

I met Shurma Uddin on a dating website, called shaadi.com in 2012 Shurma Uddin is a person who lied to the police, also. Not about my part in the case, but about her part in the case. I am guilty of sending her up to 60 text messages between April and May 2012. I am guilty as judged by the law.

Most of this time while I was texting Shurma Uddin I was unwell as a patient in a Bradford hospital where i was sectioned. I felt betrayed by Shurma Uddin ultimately and I do not wish to contact her or to see her again in my lifetime or in the Hereafter. The story with Shurma, from my point of view, is as follows, and may God have his way with me if there is lying in my story. Shurma Uddin and I contacted each other only ever by phone or by text message.

We never ever physically ever met. We contacted each other circa 4 April 2012, over the phone after expressing interest in each other via shaadi.com, an Asian dating/marriage site. At that time, I may have been unwell, admittedly. But, without incriminating another human without reason, I will openly state that Shurma is the lowest human being I have ever met; I am not saying this for effect, it is a genuine feeling that I have and it is a direct reply to those of you who have stated to me that I am int he wrong and those very of you who, without being impartial on the story, have leapt to support Shurma and to crucify me.

It is not on legal record that Shurma, on 26 April 2012, asked to *** with me over the mobile phone. It is not on legal record that Shurma, on 21 April, while out with her best friend in the borough of Burnley and while keeping me on the phone for over an hour, that she (Shurma) said gleefully that her best friend thought that we: she (Shurma) and I, were a perfcect match for each other. it is not on legal record that Shurma Uddin used to call my home phone landline (I regret ever giving my home landline number) and annoy my mum by asking for me all the time. It is not on legal record that Shurma Uddin called me a wimp as compared to an ex-boyfriend Bangladeshi young man from Burnley (Shurma's home town) who had serenaded her in her student bedroom at Leeds University by sprinkling rose petal flowers and lighting romantic candles for both of them during her (Shurma) student days, the same ex-boyfriend who had broken in to her student bedroom without a lock and key, and she (Shurma) baiting me with that story.

It is not on legal record that Shurma Uddin was stating that other Bangladeshi young men (boys aged 18+ years old) in her Burnley community used to make approaches to her that she disliked, stories which when I heard of them that I tried to help her by calming her down over the phone and helping her to feel better. It is not on legal record that Shurma Uddin from Burnley told me, shamelessly and brazenly, that she was wearing only her knickers in her bedroom, a comment that shocked me in to complete silence and me panicking in to trying to change the subject of the conversation entirely (I remember desperately looking for a respectable topic and talking about Barcelona as there was a guide of the city on my bookshelf). Why is it on legal record that I was simply harrassing her with text messages? I am the one that was given confused and mixed signals, Tom or Thomas Casagranda and the rest of you who are lynching me.

Signals like: 'I like you' or 'My best friend just now thinks you and I are perfect for each other' (after 1 whole hour of her leaving me hanging and speaking to me sporadically over the phone, even insisting I remain on the phone whilst I was calling her from my home landline to her mobile and racking up a whole hour's worth of premium phone bills!). Isn't it a mixed signal to ring my home phone during the day, 4-5 times, asking my mum for me (I was away at work for a local business) all the time, with my mum changing from polite to annoyed to horrified by this girl' / woman's / lady's (Shurma's) persistence? Why is it not on legal record that Shurma was harrassing me by calling me and my mum so many times over many days? Why is it on legal record that I am the only person in the wrong?

I accept my part. I should not have stayed in touch with this girl. I should not have given her any attention or any of my time, even if 'my big brother hates me and my mum' (Shurma's words, not mine), 'my big brother's wife controls my big brother and she defies my mum and she hates me, too' (Shurma's words, not mine), 'boys at the gym look at me all the time' (Shurma's words, not mine), 'a Bangladeshi boy, part of a group of friends, once put his arm around me in the gym sauna and i slapped him in front of his friends' (Shurma's words, not mine). So, please stop it, Tom or Thomas Casagranda, ok?

If a girl told you she liked you a lot, and then you do the logical thing and ask her to meet you, and then she doesn't even say yes, but then she keeps calling you, and keeps wanting to talk to you, keeps calling your mum and not listening to my mum as my mum - scared at Shurma's actions - beseeches her and then instructs her not to call the home landline and then Shurma persists, and she (Shurma) still does not listen to me when i tell her that she could just text me and I will call her from my work phone..... Isn't this giving mixed signals? How can a girl who talks about her wearing knickers to me by phone and then states she wants to *** with me by phone (causing me to become embarrassed and silent on the phone before changing the subject of the conversation), how can this girl/woman/lady accuse me of being the only person who is being misguided or doing wrong? Shurma Uddin, a Bangladeshi Muslim from Burnley, like me, a Muslim, will stand before God, the Almighty.

I do not care much, tom or Thomas Casagranda, if you belive my story with Shurma or not. Your main issue with me was for plagiarism at open University. I have apologised today for my part in that. But, Tom or Thomas Casagranda, you have no right to address on this forum about a matter in which you were never participating.

Only Shurma Uddin and I know and understand the truth. If I lie on this forum today, or if Shurma lied to the police about her own involvement leading up to the text messages and me visiting Burnley (never ever again of my own volition for as long as I breathe), only God Alone will judge. You and others can judge me for all you like, Tom or Thomas Casagranda and your group, but I maintain that I had to put up with a lot from Shurma. I acted in a carer's capacity (big brother and sister-in-law controlling Shurma and mother - also, boys in Burnley making untoward approaches in the local gym sauna); I acted as a committed man should (Shurma happy with her Burnley ex-boyfriend breaking her student room door at Leeds University to romance her) by replying by bringing a bouquet of flowers for her to Burnley; I acted in a dignified way (Shurma asking over the phone to *** with me, Shurma at another time talking about wearing only her knickers - I did NOT respond or imitate that behaviour over the phone - I am not saying I am a saint, but I DO know that I did not provoke her sexually over the phone, except for one text message 4 days later which she took to the police - why did Shurma get the response she did from Burnley police and why did Burnley police not ever conisder if there was not a complete other side to this story?).

I want to go on record as to state: I have never previously ever met Shurma Uddin in my life and I am confident that she (Shurma) will say the same; I have no desire to meet Shurma uddin ever; I have no desire to communicate with Shurma Uddin ever; I am sad that Shurma could not tell the police her involvement in all of this prior, giving me mixed signals, baiting me by asking me to act like a man; As far as I am concerned, Tom or Thomas, you and the group are the person/persons that have baited me to tell you the complete story about Shurma Uddin. I have a bipolar condition and a condition of fear around you, Tom or Thomas, but I will no longer inform the police of the fact that there are either you or others you may know on this forum that have come on here acting as 'Aminur Chowdhury' (take the most recent comment, allegedly, from me, which is NOT from me on this forum) because the police have taken no action against you and others in the past and I am sure they will continue to do the same which has caused me to try to publicly make peace with you, Tom or Thomas Casagranda, and to settle the Indecent Assault event of 2003 when I was an impressionable, inexperienced young man and also the Shurma Uddin (Burnley) event and also the plagiarism incident with Open University which I take full responsibility. I ask, beseech, implore you now, Thomas or Tom Casagranda, big men don't hold grudges. Jesus doesn't hold a grudge against being placed on the cross by his own people, Prophet Mohammad PBUH doesn't hold a grudge, David Milliband doesn't hold a grudge against his younger brother Ed Milliband after being usurped in the Labour Leadership election of recent years, jeremy Corbyn doesn't hold a grudge after Hilary benn's speech a few days ago defying him on air strikes on Syria, I don't hold a grudge against my own family bullying me over the years.....

Tom, please don't hold a life-long grudge against me. I want to wish you well. If you seriously want to resolve this, then I have given you the full truth, including conceding me wrong doings and my mistakes on this very public forum. Please go on with your life without writing about me or commenting about me.

Whether I do good by seeking to volunteer at BAMHAG to try to genuinely back to society (and BAMHAG being called by you or the public to inform them about my past), or helping a homeless man - who calls me every swear drunkardly under the sun at me - by finding him a job and through a friend offering him a place to live, I hope that you believe me that it is genuinely true. I am not a man of money, but I do still give to the needy - sometimes I enjoy giving it, sometimes I do not enjoy giving money to the homeless and needy anymore because I think: 'are they really genuine when they ask me, or is there a sign on my forehead saying 'Aminur is a sucker, let's bleed him dry of his money', I don't know. Tom or Thomas Casagranda, I don't visit you, or write about you, as often as you do me. But let me say this to you: i am not 19 years old anymore, inexperienced; I am not inexperienced in relationships anymore, I am in fact in a long-term partnership now of nearly 18 months with the most wonderful, most gracious woman in the world now who herself is white-Caucasian and I look forward to spending Christmas with her and to moving on with my life with her.

I don't think about Shurma Uddin or the Indecent Assault of 2003 (it is now a spent conviction of over 2 years, thomas or Tom Casagranda, and is no longer something I worry about except to wish that lovely lady all the very best in her life). I would appreciate it if you and the public would leave writing/typing about me. I have asked the Police to help me in the past, nothing has happened. You continue to type about me, Tom/Thomas, if I told the police of 'harrassment' by you, they still would not listen, I am sure of it.

You're clearly a clever guy, tom or Thomas Casagranda, with your Master's degree in Classics, so I wish you well. Merry Christmas, man. Take it easy. And please keep me in your prayers.

If you think still ill of me, then please pray to God to forgive me (it is Christmas after all); if you give me the benefit of the doubt, then thank you, and wish that I can live a peaceful life away from online attacks on forums like these. Honestly, Tom or Thomas Casagranda, I wish you no ill and only well.

to Anonymous Slough, Slough, United Kingdom #1079686

If you are Aminur Chowdhury, I will reply thus: Aminur, countless people try and obtain degrees by less than honourable methods. With the benefit of hindsight, it doesn't make you any bad, or lesser, a person.

You probably should have asked for an extension on your assignments, as I'm sure OU would have helped you with that. At the time I wasn't working (I am now), and was scrabbling to earn a living, and I was doubly unhappy with what I perceived to be your misconduct. I think you might have also wasted Katie Taffler's time and efforts on the translation, so perhaps you should write to her, too, and express an apology: you should, I feel, apologise to the Bradford Circle of Foreign Languages, too, as you used their name, when, maybe, you shouldn't have.

I am, and I mean it, most glad that you're starting to turn your life around. I may have scored only 73% for you, but, and I can remember this: 73% earned you a first from university.

90% would have also caused your tutors to have smelt a rat, as Latin translation art is dependent, too, on mistakes. If you produce too perfect a translation, the tutor would assume that you used a crib, and would raise an eyebrow, or zero your paper. Way back, when I was at 6th form, I got drunk, and couldn't produce a translation of Livy (Roman Historian). I cribbed a translation, and soon got it bounced back at me: it was, I believe, a lesson learned.

I have no intention of pouring scorn on you, if you are Aminur Chowdhury, but I have every intention on wishing you a Happy New Year, and the very best of luck for your future.

I hope you will find some strength, some joy, and some peace of mind for 2016.

I know you are laden down, or burdened, with a Bipolar condition, and I hope that this isn't too debilitating a condition for you. Again, I reiterate - Aminur, good luck, and take care.

Thomas Casagranda

to Anonymous Halifax, England, United Kingdom #1226266


In spite of your "apology" and the fact that you state it is never good to lie, you continue to do so.

I was attending a Business Breakfast Club this morning and somehow your name cropped up - apparently you owe money to a local business who did work for you, and although you have promised to contact them and make good, you have failed to do so.

Just another example of your dishonest and deceitful ways!

to Rizwan #1364062

I've not heard much bad about Aminur these days. Went mosque with him.

He helped one of the neighbours in Manningham who had depression for long time and was in a bad way. Neighbour's dad said Aminur visited him every single day, supporting him, showing him kindnass. That neighbour's family r bullied a lot in community.

I didn't have the time or even in me to support my own neighbour - feeling embarrasst now - but I guess Aminur somehow felt he had 2 help my neighbour even tho Aminur lived streets away. Gotta give him credit

to Sajad #1364080

Aminur is President of Australia. He sold a monkey to kangaroos and made a trillion dollars.

He was at the Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor fight in Las Vegas last night and stayed at Floyd's mansion where he ate snail and rabbit. He wants next to take over Brazil by selling nuts to Brazilian horses. He's made a pact with God that he'll be the next God. He's currently building a new universe and in that universe only Muslim angels are allowed as it's not allowed for earthly humans.


to Rizwan #1364089

I was at the same Business Breakfast Club! Aminur was giving a speech on transforming the business landscape of the UK by his new tech invention.

But then the man you say he owes money to says Aminur owes him 300 million. How did Aminur lose 3 million?! HAHAHA!

Not only is he a loser, he can't count as he's actually not educated at all! Last I heard he's begging on the streets of Ethiopia's shoddy slums

to Rizwan #1364095

Let's just take the *** out of Aminur. It's funny!

Who cares, lads?

Like in India people get slapped up, let's just give him a few - who cares if we spend a night in the cell? I love slapping people up!

to Rizwan #1364098

Aminur moved to Ipswich and claims to people there he's the SON OF GOD. Further confirmation he's deluded LOLLLLLZ!

to Rizwan #1364102

Rizwan somehow Aminur's name cropped up at my own local Breakfast Club meeting too in Ontario, Canada! He's popping up everywhere isn't he?

Apparently he's been on yachts with Richard Branson.

I had my secretary with me at the time who spotted 2 things: the pic of Aminur with Richard Branson was a Photoshop fake! And we could see through his shorts in to his tiny organ as his zip was undone!

to Rizwan #1364109

Rizwan he couldn't have been at your breakfast meeting as he's still on medication and he doesn't see the light of day hahaha he's seeing nurses and doctors about his bipolar hahaha apparently he's become a *** inside hospital lol tut tut disobeying his Muslim god

to Rizwan #1364110

Rizwan you wrote "somehow Aminur's name crops up". Hahaha.

Keep dishing it out on him.

Love ya style, Rizzy! Blend it, bro

Reading, Reading, United Kingdom #992682

To be honest with you, checking out and establishing that Aminur Chowdhury was, and is, nothing but a fraudster has been a fantastic piece of work for me. No amount of petty accusations from Aminur can get away from these facts: he's a criminal, a sexual fantasist, and an academic plagiarist.

No amount of visiting mosques, befriending homeless people, joining dating agencies, can eradicate that he's been defeated. I'm not gloating, but I've won.


Did Aminur vote for Dave, and is he now Dave's special adviser ? Bearing in mind he couldn't advise a whelk stall.

I wonder what Aminur is up to ?

Is he courting extremism, or is he still a nuisance towards women ? We've heard nothing of what the great Aminur Chowdhury is up to ? The Vision Concept seems to have ran out of gas, with no tutoring taking place.

The helping the "homeless" has been shown to be an invented story. We need to know if Aminur has reached some level of success, or is he still a failure.

Slough, Slough, United Kingdom #962337

Aminur Chowdhury is a volunteer at BAMHAG and says he has seen the effects of mental health issues with friends and close acquaintances.

Reiterating Ms Cullerton’s sentiments, he added: “I think what we need to see in the very near future is a greater acceptance of mental health illnesses from all communities, especially the South Asian one.

“There is still a stigma attached to the topic yet anybody can suffer from these issues and it is imperative that we as a community understand this and help in whatever way we can.

“A mental health illness does not only revolve around the idea of ‘jinns’ but can come from a number of sources, with the death of a close family member a very popular trigger.

“The community has a responsibility to help others and by putting them in touch with wonderful charities such as BAMHAG, we can do just that.”

This is Aminur's new hobby; a volunteer for a mental health charity. It's ironic that he can refer to people as "Lying spastics", and can call into question someone else's perceived mental health, yet BAMHAG obviously haven't done any due diligence on Aminur.

Stalking women, offensively insulting people, and fake tutoring, are openly located online.

Whatever will happen when Aminur starts insulting those whom BAMHAG aid ?

Bradford, England, United Kingdom #900170

Hello, it's me, Aminur. The computer ban is off, so it's open season on all the young ladies in Bradford.

I am also going to come back with my tutoring business, purely to get close to all the youngsters.

England, United Kingdom #870173

The computer ban must still be in place;there's no sign of him, blowing, or attempting to blow, his own trumpet. I'd love to hear what he's up to.

London, England, United Kingdom #824900

I really think Aminur's been banned from online forums; if he wasn't, he'd be on this forum talking about his wonderful cheek-turning from name-calling. It could be part of the police / magistrate's warning that he doesn't go online.

Bearing in mind his escapades last year, he may have to sign a sex-offender's register, and be banned from computer use. I would assume that, working in a pet shop, you don't have much time to use a computer, but then I could be wrong.

I'm waiting for the next sexual harassment case that Aminur is involved in. He'll be running out of vagrants soon, so there's bound to be some poor woman that Aminur wants to indulge his whims with.


He likes to boast about his English ancestry calling him self a,"Englishmen" obviously he isn't English.

London, England, United Kingdom #824798

He may feel English, or whatever, but he's delusional through and through

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