I first met Michael Phillips after he called me up to introduce himself and the company he was working for at the time called Sinclair James. He told me that he offered investment advice and specialised in expatriates like myself here in the Philippines.

As a retired Australian, living in Manila for about 2 years with my Philippine wife i was interested to learn more especially as my younger wife would have enough money to survive on when god called my number so i wanted to secure the future for her and our daughter.

I met with Michael Phillips who was a friendly, larger than life character. He told me that he had worked in financial investments for many years and had originally started his career working in Pattaya and Bangkok before permanently moving to Manila. He told me he was married to a Filipina and his intention was to stay in the Philippines. He came across as someone who i could trust and soon gained my confidence. I thought how lucky that my family had found someone who could help right on our doorstep and would be around for years to help take care of my money for my family.

I explained to Michael Phillips that i could not afford to take risk with my money as this was my life savings now and only had a small pension. I told him that this money was needed to generate additional income for us and eventually for my wife’s and daughter’s future. He said that he fully understood my concerns and had helped lots of other expats like me in the same situation.

Michael Phillips put my money into different investments claiming they were safe and measured me that he had personally down his own due diligence on these investments.He said they would be the type of investments that he would put his own mother into! With these sorts if statements and reassurance we felt safe that we were making the right decision.

Income was coming through for about 6 months but then it stopped. I spoke with Michael Phillips who reassured me that everything was fine. Then one by one all my investments started to collapse. All the investments that Michael Phillips put my money into turned out to be a high commission paying PONZI scheme, He obviously dislikes his mother as he said he would invest her in the same!

The only person who made any money out of the investments was Michael Phillips whilst mine and my familys’ future has been destroyed!! My wife and i are devastated and now really worried about our futures. It looks like we will have to sell our family home to raise money to live on and to finish my daughter’s schooling.

I have tried contacting Michael Phillips whilst all this was happening but after a while he would nor return my calls or emails. I then found out he run back to Thailand and was working out of there but he may have fled there as well. I have since found out that I am not alone and other expats in Philippines and Thailand have lost their money after dealings with Michael Phillips.


Review about: Investment Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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A little insight into Mike Phillips:


Michael Terry Phillips has spent the last three years publishing anonymous screeds cataloguing imagined legal infractions and various moral lapses.

To put it politely, these posts are patently false. To characterize these activities more accurately, they are the sad ramblings of a failure who blames everyone but himself for his misfortunes.


I've always had great service from this guy. He is professional and very good at his work.

No complaints on any front. My investments have all performed well.

If you cannot afford to lose money then do not invest that's my moto.

Also, if an investments sounds too good to be true... it probably is..


*** Aussie Manila looses $30K in Sinclair James Ponzi fund. Good day mate' pass out the tinnies.

Whiting is chucking sausage & steak on his BBQ right now, all paid for by you. If you had any balls you would man up and go see him.


It's seems a bit rich blaming your financial advisor when all he was probably doing was representing the company he worked for. Coming from Manila myself & having knowledge of these people, I believe this was Sinclair James International.

Michael Whiting (Director SJI) he 'approves' & rubber stamps all the investments in the first instance. The advisor would only be pushing investments that he was told/instructed to sell.

From what I know I believe when this chap found out things weren't right @ Sinclair James International he resigned sharpish.

There is also responsibility for investors to do due diligence.

If someone tells you this, that & the other, do you believe them and hand over your money? Maybe if you were an ***.

Most people would do some due diligence of some sort.

This post sounds like it's been contrived by a 'hater.'

to BlueCEO #1313696

Thats *** mate. I know this bloke from UK and he has been up to this sort of *** for years. Purely in it for his comission and could sell sand to an Arab, he has no moral compass as is strictly in it for himself.

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