Michael Louis Stokes Jr is a man that wears many hats. He is running from a lot of people in the Southern California area for ripping them off in real estate ventures, commodities, hedgefund scams etc..

If you are in contact with this person or have done business with this person in the past please contact the FBI immediately.

The housing market collapse was partly his fault because of the mortgage company he owned a couple years back was issuing bad loans to consumers. Now he is trying to put his hands in all sorts of money scams that you will never see a return on investment.

Please stay away from this man and his business, don't say I didn't warn you!


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Michael Stokes is a saint


This guy is a true angel!!!!

to Anonymous #1001394

An Angel! are you his relative? He's a crook!

to Anonymous #1001397

Look at that smile!!! He is truly a saint!!!!

Salem, Oregon, United States #964156

As someone who used to be a top shelf *** man, I can guarantee you that the posts attempting to make this guy look good are by the thief himself.He is attempting to obfuscate and cloud the accusations, so as to make himself look innocent.

A common tactic amongst the low end as they are dumb enough to be caught up in the first place. He is just playing it off, as they say.

Anyone dumb enough to trust someone that looks like that mope is beyond me anyway.His face just screams fraud lol.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #912914

i like his eyes i wanna buy a house from him for some reason.


Michael Louis Stokes Jr, Is a true scam artist and is in San Diego CA, week in and week out, Hotels you can locate him at is the andaz in downtown San Diego, Also he scam'd me for money and made promises and broke his promises, This site is not even close to being half of the people he has attacked finnacially. Stokes everything catches us when we least expect, contact me for further information -

to Thetruthhurts #1163525

I would like to talk to you and see if we can locate him and turn him over to FBI

Email me or call

to Thetruthhurts #1163544

He in now involved in Avita water which just filed bankruptcy and The Game purchased the water to send to Michigan. I need to find this crook


I doubt this guy "mr.real estate" would really be calling himself the "son of satan" in the comments below.

Face it, this guy obviously hurt somebodys life and is now put on blast for it.Face the truth and it shall set you free!

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