Hey I haven't wrote anything in a week. Since I filed a ID theft case a long time ago.

I wouldn't be create email accounts in my name. I had to go all the way to Montgomery the last time. Anything that has been written under ELIZABETH CAMILLE HUTTO is not mine. You guys are crazy.

The state doesn't even play about ID theft honey.

What in the world are you thinking? Oh I forgot....you never do. By the way, I am just a little busy and couldn't get around to responsing.

I will make time this weekend...

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Saeffle, Varmlands Lan, Sweden #42044

You are an ***. I wasn't making time I will now. Just like I did for direct wholesale solutions.

Hilversum, North Holland, Netherlands #37768

So, let me get this straight. You go on the internet, write insane blogs, get in trouble with your employer, and now you are saying you are a victim of identity theft and you didn't write anything under Elizabeth Camille Hutto.

Stay off the internet as you are sounding more and more looney with each and every blog.


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