Melissa Earnest is a total scam, she is trying to scam and make money off from innocent people anyway she can. First with Caselyn's Creations, making bows, stole my money and others.

She also tried to get involved in the Casey Anthony case thinking she was going to hit it big by writting to Casey Anthony now she is on youtube and facebook getting "gifts" from people and sucking them in. She is shameful. Do not deal with this woman at all. She is also selling "IT Works" skinny wraps, which everyone that does research will see they are also a big scam, sucking people in.

SHAME ON YOU MELISSA.....and you will notice she continues to use the term "God Bless" another way to scam people.

She is trying to get famous and will stop at nothing, give it up hillbilly, you can keep the fires burning all day and keep your hubby shady, but one video isnt going to cover up all your scamming ways. So before you go talking about the poor girl "on the street corner" that cant pay her bills, you better look in the mirror.


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to Anonymous Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #872352

I have looked at the posts she places on her facebook page and it's all about: how important she is, her children always say the darndest things (really.........like they are that clever all the time), she needs money to buy things for her family, too many women show their body parts off (but look at the trashy way she puts on her makeup), and DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA. Personally, I think she has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder

Deer Park, Texas, United States #790085
I knew something was fishy with her. I used to like her but got tired of her poor me people picking on me and ***.

She is a total phoney. :roll

Melissa Earnest is a scam artist. She collected money for a toy drive and used it on her own children for Christmas.

One minute she cannot afford anything and the next she is buying all of her children brand new iPads. She sells ItWorks and even creates fake buyers just to reach diamond level. She has already been reported to ItWorks for doing so. Also she was involved with Misty Collin, Casey Anthony and supported both murderers.

Look it up, she wrote a letter to Casey Anthony herself supporting her. Not to mention the million other scams she has created on GoFundMe website!

Do not send this woman money or buy her products. She is a scam and will milk you for all your worth!

Orange Park, Florida, United States #782296

Here is the link people need to SEE.. http://www.justice4caylee.org/t5743-the-importance-of-melissa-earnests-interviews-by-valhall

She still emails calls people behind others backs and try's to get everybody to PAY HER WAY!!

This is CRAZY!!!!!! Just plum "Sam Hill CRAZY"

Somebody has got to get info out to the PUBLIC about this girl! I would be scared if she was "following" me or if she was a "friend" of mine!

This girl is capable of ANYTHING!! She tried to SELL a STORY to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER reguarding Casey A. Please google it!! This girl is a *** ARTIST AND A GOOD ONE!

She tries to get a FREE RIDE! Who wants her autograph?? Like really? And she tries to SELL them!!

She is delusional and maybe not all there but people need to do research on her and be warned!! BTW God Bless you ME!! I am proud I blocked YOU even though you told everybody you blocked ME!! :grin :grin :grin I hope people see what she is before its too late!!

She is always filled with DRAMA!!! She can't have a normal day because she loves DRAMA SO MUch!!

I feel terrible sorry for her kids!! Her eyes are always looking down on a computer and not at her CHILDREN!!!
Tallahassee, Florida, United States #778422

Yes, THANK YOU! I am SO glad that I am not the only person that sees all this!

This woman will stop at nothing to get her 10 minutes of fame! She always says "I'm not doing it for the attention," but seriously the same week that her one video went viral she was trying to sell AUTOGRAPHED hats and shirts and pictures! She always says that she is hardly ever on Facebook, yet she literally posts something every. five.

minutes. Who the heck is taking care of her kids?! She goes on and on about how poor they are and how they "can't afford that fancy stuff" but then she hosts this "toy drive" and next thing you know her kids are getting brand new iPads and all sorts of stuff for Christmas. She kept saying the was going to post all of the pics of over 100 families that were helped for Christmas, yet she never did..

Hmmm, wonder where all that money went?! Also, she says they can barely afford their trailer, yet they're moving into a new house COMPLETE with new furniture for every single room! She keeps scamming people out of free stuff, saying that she'll do a "product review"... Ha!

The whole Casey Anthony thing is just crazy. All of these white trash hillbilly housewives seems to worship her.. Hopefully they'll figure it out soon enough!

The worst part of all this is that this delusional woman actually seems to think she is somebody special.. Jeez.

to Ridi***us #834645

You took every single word right out my mouth!

She is ridiculous, and she's letting the fame get to her *** head.

She's trash, and always will be trash. She can't stand it when people have more money than her or have nicer things than she does. I've come to realize this about her.

And she calls herself a Christian? She's the most unchristian woman I've ever met in my life!

to CRoberts Lithonia, Georgia, United States #898937

Lol she cracks me up how she thinks she is "famous" goes on and on about how she is "not famous" Her fake modesty is hella obvious. And don't even get me started on all of her hypocritical and judgemental rants!

Acting holier than thou, and ending all her catty remarks with "God Bless! " it is honestly cringe worthy. I see her block and jump down anybody's throat if they even disagree with her. She tries waay too hard to be funny too..

and it's to the point where I am beginning to feel sorry for her desperation. She is pro curvy women and that is perfectly fine but, she does so in a way that she body shames thin women.. going on and on about size 2's. It's obvious she wants to be thin!

Here is a tip. Stop eating all that processed junk you post about, and follow a REAL diet and exercise plan instead of some wierd gimmick fix like advocare. Someone please take this woman's internet away !

Lol. God BLESS ;)

to Bless your heart Alaska, United States #905482

Her passive aggressive shines through. Melissa Earnest needs therapy.

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