Melissa Earnest is a total scam, she is trying to scam and make money off from innocent people anyway she can.First with Caselyn's Creations, making bows, stole my money and others.

She also tried to get involved in the Casey Anthony case thinking she was going to hit it big by writting to Casey Anthony now she is on youtube and facebook getting "gifts" from people and sucking them in. She is shameful. Do not deal with this woman at all. She is also selling "IT Works" skinny wraps, which everyone that does research will see they are also a big scam, sucking people in.

SHAME ON YOU MELISSA.....and you will notice she continues to use the term "God Bless" another way to scam people.

She is trying to get famous and will stop at nothing, give it up hillbilly, you can keep the fires burning all day and keep your hubby shady, but one video isnt going to cover up all your scamming ways.So before you go talking about the poor girl "on the street corner" that cant pay her bills, you better look in the mirror.



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She is a total scam

to 1 anonymouS #1403524

I happen to live in the same area as her and I am here to tell you that she is a FAKE!!!!Nothing she portrays on Facebook is real .

She photoshops all of her photos and she comes from nothing !!!She is the laughing joke of this town and the school system


Seems she has a new partner.

Diana Trice Kane

Now I have empathy, a lot actually, but something is fishy about this friend.

Like Melissa, she seems to thrive on drama. Research of her name shows the baby drama she is in the midst of and a few links to fund raiser sites for various reasons, all to benefit her.

Last year it was to sponsor her sons for citizenship: https://www.youcaring.com/dianatrice-688768

there is also one for some pearl crap:

https://www.gofundme.com/project-mermaid-treasure Although this adoption has fallen through, they have yet to remove request for donations or even gifts Her husband is asking for money: https://www.youcaring.com/dianatrice-939280 https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/giftregistry/view_registry_guest.jsp?eventType=Baby®istryId=544939119 I am a very generous woman, what I am pointing out is to be careful who you give to.

Be generous, but give instead to other charities near home or even your friends.I am repeating myself, "Something is fishy" when you have so many request for money or gifts.

Hughes Springs, Texas, United States #1274519

You need help! Melissa is a sweet and honest person!

Georgetown, Kentucky, United States #1257039

Melissa Earnest. Wonder How She's Scamming For Christmas This Year.

Georgetown, Kentucky, United States #1257033

For The People That Stand Up For Melissa Earnest You're As Scamming As She Is. we Have A Right to Our Opinions & If Ya Don't Like It Don't Read Articles That Say She's A Scammer. Have A Great Day!!!!!!!!!!!!


I Agree.First She Told Me Her Kids Went To School & Then She Said They Were Home Schooled To Try To Get Me To Buy Stuff From Her & When I Didn't Buy Something From Her ( Skinny Wraps ) She Unfriended Me.

Her & The Woman She Was In Cahoots With On Facebook that Scammed People to Get Presents For Her Kids For Christmas Are No Longer Friends & She Is a Gossiping Rude Nitpicker Trying To Get Rich Quick Oh & Famous.Sad Woman & Mother Using God To Get Things From People Thinking She's Got Fans & Your Not Supposed To Want People to Worship You But She Clearly Does

Enterprise, Alabama, United States #1056896

This woman is a complete scam!!!!!She is all about YOU helping her but when you ask her for help or exposure she will find a reason to turn you down.

She is only out for herself. And she claims she's not racist yet in her videos she will change her voice to sound "ghetto" to be funny. Makes me feel like she's making fun of a certain race!!!! I've purchased from her once but NEVER WILL again!

All she wants is hand outs. And omg yes she says she hates when people say omg yet I've seen her post it over and over. She is so far from a Christian she will be very surprised come judgment day.

Melissa, "honey" do yourself and your family a favor....get the h*ll off of the Internet....pay more attention to your kids....get off your lazy *** and get a real job....and for the sake of your kids dignity when they get older get them a real hair cut and fix their hair before posting their pictures all over your page!May God help you see you are being fake and help you change.

to Berealnotfake2015 #1077142

She offered to advertise my work on her fb page, so you are wrong there!


She's currently scamming on the search on 2 Oklahoma boys and this was all just found. Such a sad soul!!!!


Really y'all are really dumb.Melissa is a sweet woman that has a son with special needs and all y'all want to do is bash her.

If you don't like her then stay off her *** it's that simple.Get a life and move on.

to Anonymous #991767

Why because her FB page days so? Don't you know anyone can anyone on FB. Get a clue.

to Anonymous #1403528

Trust me ... she is a horrible person !! She preaches all that stuff from the Bible and does NOT even attend church !!!

Gadsden, Alabama, United States #951791

You need too shut up about Melissa. She is a good woman and she is a very sweet person, Shame on you for talking bad about her. Stop hating!!

to Anonymous Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #961809

Shut up yourself.


Where is Melissa Earnest now. I don't see her video's anymore. Has she reached her water loo?

Just wondering...

to Betty Boop #896874

No, she's still around, look for her on Facebook.She's selling younique.

Makeup.She's had several deaths in the family & has needed "help"


Why do you all want make up lies on someone like this .Is it because she is getting someone in life legal .

You all act like children , You know she done good until she started invited new friends in her life after her video and sharing with everyone about her life . If she had something to hide do u think she let people know so much about her . Please be a adult and stop this , How would u feel if someone attacked u like this ? What if all this everyone is doing pushed her over the edge ?

It would be on each of you that are beening a bully . Just attend to your own family , If she was doing all of this don't u think her business would be shut down . I am sure that would make you happy to seem some fail .

Another thing if she did have issues I would attack her would love her and try to help her .There is just to much hate in this world .

to motherof 3 #829137

LOL Melissa I'm sure this is you defending your pathetic self!And if it's not you need to do your research!

She has scammed thousands of $$ out of hundreds of people. Like last Christmas when she set up a "toy drive" had hundreds of people donating money but yet nobody that signed up for the toy drive got anything? Then suddenly her kids went from having nothing for Christmas bc they couldn't afford it(always have to sign up for hand outs) to all of them having brand new iPads which I'm sure you know brand new costs $500-$600 A PIECE! Right after that she went from living in a small trailer to a really nice house with brand new furniture...Oh yeah she's such a good person isn't she....let's not leave out the part where she will do anything to get her 15 minutes of fame!

She's a wanna celebrity she has tried numerous ways over the past couple of years. She even tried to get involved with the Casey Anthony case putting the police on a wild goose chase don't believe it? You can find the actual police interviews the court had typed up & signed by both the detective & Melissa online! They caught her in several lies & called her out on them...

SHES A FRAUD!There is a special place in *** for people like her.

to motherof 3 #838542

I know her REAL WELL.She has no business, she runs it from her home.

If u can call it a business.She is not what she makes out to be.

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