Left me VM stating to call 866-359-4536 but the number shows up as unknown on my cell.Claiming the call was a courtesy call to stop legal action to my county on outstanding MyCasNow payday loan.

She said they'd take a settlement. I asked for paperwork to be mailed. She said we've mailed and called several times. I didn't get letters.

She emailed me what she said would be a validation of debt. What I got was just a fake looking letter with the so called attorneys name / address. Simple google search didn't bring up that law group but one that had the name Reisenbough spelled as Reisenberg (real law firm). A couple days later, when I didnt return a call, now a woman calls and said she has paperwork To serve me that I have to sign.

2 forms of ID, will serve you at home, call her or will be served at work where I was to have a boss or supervisor be a witness to my signature. This is ALL TO SCARE YOU. It is all fake.

Yes, it sounds real, it is not because I've had real papers served and or lawsuits, it DOESN'T GO this way.Always double check their story.

Reason of review: Not as described.


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I received a missed call, on my caller ID number was listed as 310-671-9989 which I googled and it belongs to a Faxed number to UVA university vascular associate (definitely Spoofing).The number they left me on voice msg to call them back was 18663594536.

Told me I have a court order summons. Also harassing my family. Do not pick up.

Do not call them back.Scam scam scam.


I had a same call.... FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

and I reported to FTC (Federal Trade Commission).



I literally just had this same call, I was so scared I was about to pay by the end of this week. Glad I saw this.

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