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Matthew Kent Baker cant be trusted.He has been screwing people in the bar business for 10 years and more!

His reputation in the industry is horrific and everywhere he goes he associates with deception and manipulation. I have dedicated my life to ensuring this guy's truth be exposed. Go to and find out who this creep really is.


In the last ten years, he's developed a pyramid scheme, forged checks and used his ex wifes SSN for get cable, stolen tvs from another bar to make money, foreclosed on six homes, had at least 17 people and companies sue him, and those are just SOME of his crimes.

Reason of review: TOTAL con artist and thief. can't be trusted. period..

Preferred solution: money back that was obstructed..

I liked: When people discover the truth.

I didn't like: Everything about him.

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Has anyone slit this guy's throat yet?He obviously has hurt so many people, while he calls his grotesque actions good and just.

Someone should have done it by now. And his rap sheet displays anything but a sincere and honest man. No one can reason with Baker. If someone's willing to do it, I'll chip in to see his life vanish from existance.

Any takers on this one?

What about you, Alverius?Come on, I know you wish him dead.


I co-owned a business across from Shakers in Pullman, wa.Actually lived with co-owner of Skakers.

I saw the whole thing unwind. Still good friends with co-owner. Poor guy lost all his money. As far as I know Baker put little to no money into business, then mysteriosly opened another bar in Pullman with siphoned Skakers cash.

Worst part is these guys were chilhood friends. I take full responsibility for this post as my buddy has moved on with his life. After paying all the debt the business incurred. I knew this guy was shifty from the satrt.

He buddied up with my business partner and constantly tried to get us to loan him money to keep Skakers running.Thanfully I never allowed funds to leave my company.


You sound really angry and confused.

Whatever this person has done TO YOU is the only issue you need concern yourself with.And if was some sort of a CRIME, go to the Police Station TODAY and file a report.

(telling a lie on a police report is a crime. Perhaps THIS sort of reporting will help you to clarify what really happened... again: to YOU)

Did MKB hurt your feelings?

Did he say 'I love you', have his way with you, and then say 'bye bye' (ouch, that sucks !

but is not a crime)

If I were MKB I'd politely ask you to remove postings that state I'm a criminal.

I'd give you 24 hours. And then, if not done completely, I'd go to the police and file a report.

Ultimately, (if I were MKB) if you cannot prove that what you are alleging is true, I'd sue you for slander.And then, dear 'poster of any words you like' you'd likely spend the rest of your life thinking about me.

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #1202068

And you're an *** who fails to read.Googling his name gives you the clarity you, apparently, seeks.

Or maybe you're Baker in disguise of the 'anonymous'..or worse...a Baker sympathizer!

Either way, you're apparently simple-minded, ignorant and on the wrong side of this campaign.Seems like Baker to me!

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