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ArbitrateSet the record straight! Singsnapsucks2.com changed to MANTHISSITESUCKS.com is a hate site directed inwards upon itself.This web site was formed by a disgruntled former member of Singsnap(SS),Judy Holland of Hemet,California.Her SS name was joodee and was a former volunteer staff member who was reshuffled into a different position because of her inability to perform required tasks.She became angry and resigned her membership.

Having done so she went back into the SS computer and wrote a scathing post ridiculing the staff and their actions.She initially began to frequent singsnapsucks,a web site designed to bring disgrace to SS and it's staff.She later formed her own web site under Lefora,singsnapsucks2 where she was unable to maintain much control due to site problems.She did get caught in admitting on line in a published email to Lefora admin asking for splitting the fees with her and her partner.Diane Patchem.The web site changed and is now known as MANTHISSITESUCKS(MAN).

The site admins were supposedly to be living in Canada and using the names shapeshifter and maple leafs.The membership consists of a small number of disgruntled ex and current SS members who make it a point to attempt to create strife against SS using any tactic.Much of the content is based on rumor,innuendo,assumptions,gossip and lies.Again more of the content is spun to make the worst out of absolutely nothing.Since there was little to discuss after a short period the began to attack current members of SS and other web sites using extremely libelous and angry words to poke fun and ridicule others.

One member in particular,oldladysal was using SS to report her own definitions of wrong doing under the guise of helping out.At the same time she was an active and vicious opponent of SS on MAN under a totally different name.This was reported to SS staff and she was banned from that site.MAN members are posting personal emails with malicious intent and other civil infractions.Some of their content crosses the line into criminal activity.

Lawyers on two continents are now involved in bringing these individuals to justice.They have all too long been running rampant, causing harm to individuals who they think deserve it.The web site is closed to the public unless membership is requested and approved by Judy Holland,the site owner.Originally Judy Holland was not going to be a poster on that site but that lasted one day.She was not going to solicit funds to support the site but that lasted but a short time.The entire web site was based on deceit and malicious intent and is soon going to be held accountable for the behaviors.The web can be a wonderful place to interact with other people.It can also be a place of extreme duress and wrong doing.It is a pity that people have to solicit others to be willing participants in their harmful activities.All it takes is to disagree with their hateful agenda and others will become targets of their vicious attacks.


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Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands #1229745

i like squirrel


On August 25th, 2011 a lawsuit was filed against SingSnap.com founder and CEO Trevor McGuire as well as three other members of the SingSnap website. This lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania Federal Court by Diane Patchen and her fiancé Robert Smik, alleged, among other things, a conspiracy to defame and copyright infringement. Eatsleepmusic Corporation, owner of SingSnap, was later added as a defendant.

Diane Patchen was banned from the SingSnap community in February of 2010 and soon after made numerous inaccurate posts around the web regarding Mr. McGuire and his business. Filing this lawsuit against him was, Mr. McGuire believes, the culmination of her vendetta. As soon as the lawsuit was filed, it was publicized on dozens of Internet complaint boards by anonymous posters.

McGuire and SingSnap immediately retained counsel to fight these ridiculous and baseless allegations.

On September 27th, 2012 the Judge William H. Yohn Jr. of the United States District Court DISMISSED all of the Plaintiff’s claims and Denied the motion for severance and transfer of the claims as “not in the interests of justice” because the claims were “frivolous”. The parties later resolved the litigation, including motions by McGuire and Eatsleepmusic Corporation seeking sanctions and their attorneys’ fees, to the satisfaction of all parties.

Los Angeles, California, United States #595542

Please direct all questions concerning Judy Ann Johnson Wilson-Holland to her attorney Stephen Zralek. 615-238-6305.

Thank You.

to Information Dickson, Tennessee, United States #603095

I would do so if he would return my calls. :x


The lawsuit that some of the many posts in response to this complaint reference has been dismissed by Judge Yohn. In his decision he described the allegations as "frivolous." The Judge in the case has now scheduled a hearing to deal with a motion for sanctions against the Plaintiff, Diane Patchen and her attorney.

In addition, it appears that the hate site that is the subject of this complaint has gone underground.

to Justice Dickson, Tennessee, United States #603096

AMEN! :)

LadyMatika one and only s

oh and I don't need to come on singsnapsucks.com any more got my own page on wordpress.com and i show my videos i do on there that I did do on singsnap same songs different sites some of them are even better tracks that singsnap has

lol and 4 of them I do on youtube are from the same companies that singsnap gets theirs from chartbuster and soundchoice

I told them what is up and as long as I do any profit from their tracks I can put what ever track I get from them on youtube .

even songs and how I love rubbing this in

that singsnap's license cannot get back and according to somebody over at the 2 sites EVER .

I don't have anger towards singsnap any more

cause I can sing and people are viewing my songs and commenting on it , my wise new friend who sings the blues on my site told me it's better to sing and over shout the ones that put you down and do you wrong than to sit around pouting about it in anger , the best revenge is what they thought they took from you , your God given talent to sing and you got it now get to doing some revenge ;)

and that's what I've been doing singing cause singsnap staff thinks that's the one thing they took from me is the right to sing .

they failed at that miserably cause now I got the site I got the fans , I got my revenge and everybody on there knows that singsnap.com suspended me for breaking the code of conduct and that is all I got told I did nothing else no you did this wrong you did that wrong , you said this you said that nothing not a *** bitchen thing but you broke the code of conduct , ya know what I say now WHO *** CARES ANY MORE .

singsnap lost , staff and their favorites no longer have control over what I do or say or how I sing , see that's kind was the problem singsnap staff tried to control something they never really had control over in the first *** place - ME

my voice , even my name you don't control over any more I am the one and only and always will be LADYMATIKA

even had ryder's buddy on youtube help me get it on my drivers license in between my middle name and my last name .

so so-long singsnap staff and members and I hope and praaaaaaaay suspended members aka manthissucks.com kicks your *** .

and out smarts you at something and you get egg on your face cause each and every one of you and the staff deserve it !!!!

in spades !!!!!!!!!!!

that may seem mean and harsh but only kind words I ever got out of singsnap anyways was from my friends and they all came from bix.com and ksolo anyways so I've always had them as friends even before they came on singsnap .

LadyMatika one and only s

see tha's the problem you and other singsnap members can go on that site and make fun of somebody and insult them and say *** about them but they cannot come on their and defend themselves , but when manthissitesucks.com posts something about singsnap or a suspended me such as I does it you guys raise holy *** and demand the admins or the site manager take it down cause you don't want members of singsnap hearing what suspended members such as I got to say about why they were suspended

you'd rather let people go in singsnap's message board and make up lies about them until they threaten to sue your *** and then take it down like I had to do to get a post of me being dead out of singsnap , you know that hurt my friends bad , had some of them in tears seeing that I was dead , if my friend Ron on there wouldn't of had me as a friend on myspace.com and seen that I posted on there he would of been seriously in trouble health wise , except for staff members and their favorites there are some singsnap members that miss me terribly that's probably why Trevor left facebook probably kept getting hate mail from them and my family who are pissed also by the way oh yeah I forgot you don't give a flying *** about anybody's feelings including families or you wouldn't try to do that *** to suspended members like you guys do .

oh like Ryder said come july go ahead and let singsnap try and charge me with more money on singsnap besides me changing my card it expires in july anyways only thing the staff member will get when they try to get money out of that card is a bank notice saying this card has expired you no longer have access to it , ya know what I really don't give a *** about singsnap and the staff any more all I cared about and still care about is my friends and I have them on facebook and the other one I got on another site which I am not mentioning because it's none of singsnap and it's brown nosers business , I AM NOT SINGSNAP'S BUSINESS ANY MORE not me my songs or my voice which singsnap tried to take control of and tell me what to sing how to sing and where to sing , I sing where I want now and singsnap can't do a *** thing about it , probably get a hacker to *** my youtube vids up but they can easily and I do mean easily put back on , I got a site now that I show off my vids and get props to it every minute of the day and I use my 2 favorite non-expensive sites to put song tracks on it ,

so let me see

1. singsnap and staff thinks it took away my right to sing - naaaaaaaaa don't think so

2. the staff thinks they've blocked me from viewing my friends and stop me from talking to them especially one of them - in your dreams .

3. they think nobody is listening to me singing or commenting - don't think so I'm loved where I am and get loads of comments and these guys aren't afraid of singsnap or the staff members either .

so the lesson for singsnap staff and favorites is , when you think you got somebody down and out and never see or hear from them again karaoke wise think again if they are smart like me and got *** good friends who can't be bought or threatened or believe i'm dead or in jail .

school's out kiddies (singsnap) time to go live your life and quite worrying about the big bad suspended boogymen (manthissitesucks.com members)


one it's not Matty aka LadyMatika she's done with you she found a new site who's members don't care what she does their code of conduct rules is if your not having fun then that's a crying shame that's their rules to have fun and post any songs you want to any way you want to and with karafun.com she gets to do that

and when she did post on singsnapsucks.com she got hacked into on her youtube site so somebody on there doesn't like what she has to say , one thing that is cool , singsnap staff screwed her over cause she stuck up for somebody on there against a favorite of the staff members and it got her bit in the *** and thrown out for no *** reason but she broke the code of conduct yeah she spoke out against favoritism going on there which is the only site on the web that does do favoritism and lets it's members get away with *** murder if they could , trevor helped you turkeys get singsnapsucks.com so he probably would get lawyers to get you off , staff would plead with him to do it cause they must have their favorites to feel god like , and the members of manthissitesucks.com aren't dangerous or crazy as a loon they are just pissed off like matty that singsnap betrayed them and used them as cattle to get money so their favorites can sing their favorite songs , if matty was a favorite of any staff member and trevor she wouldn't be ousted now would she now she wouldn't , cause the staff wouldn't let her go neither would trevor none of his favorites are gone cause of being suspended they just left cause they are *** sick of the *** going on and the high cost of being a gold member , only thing i feel sorry for are the remaining members who don't know what is really going on behind close doors why matty really got kicked off of singsnap cause she was quitting in july anyways and all of a sudden 2 days after she said that she gets suspended and they try to keep her money well go ahead and try to keep it and charge her account with more money you won't get it I changed that card and also when singsnap tries to charge her card with any more money agains the bank will do something about it , probably charge singsnap and it's staff members with stealing , cause I told them come july that singsnap might try and take money out of matty's account they said let them try we'll handle them .

see the people that work at the bank have been friends with her parents for years and they've known her since she was a child and they protect her and her money .

oh and if ya say it goes through paypal well they are getting told as well about not letting singsnap take any money from matty's account and if they try stop them any means necessary .

see Rhapsody tried that *** too tried to take out money out of matty's account when she unsuscribed to Rhapsody and quite doing business with them so I sicked a lawyer buddy of Mine i have on youtube and he took care of it and them almost put their *** in jail if they didn't give back the money they took from matty's account had them feeling like they just got but *** by the time he got done with them and he didn't charge me a *** thing he just loved sticking it to the big man cause of a little perosn being screwed over by them .

so I told him about singsnap and he said come july if they try to charge her account for money for being a gold member let me know and gimme their address .

so do yourself's a favor singsnap lovers

tell the staff to stay away from matty aka ladymatika , cause her family and you can look on facebook about this is really getting tired and pissed off about singsnap staff and it's followers coming around *** with matty trying to make her life miserable because she's not miserable any more about not being a singsnapper .

you people need to take responsabilities , and man up and quite letting your members *** with people that aren't on singsnap any more

that's just *** childish behavior ,

on singsnap and it's staff's part letting your staff and it's members put *** on youtube also about the manthissitesucks.com members is also *** and childish .

grow the *** up singsnap staff and it's followers your supposed to be adults quite acting like your children under the age of 10

her nephew is 9 years old and he acts more mature than some singsnap staff do .


Ladymatika, they will let you comment on the domain name site location page they purchased after kevin gave the whole thing up (singsnapsucks.com) ONLY if the comment is positive.Nothing negative about snap is allowed to be in public unless staff and members use the post to ridicule and make fun of the person.

Otherwise?All negative comments are deleted promptly.

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