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Time Warner Cable Business Class can not understand that Grey LaPoint and Pager & Cellular Comm Depo do not exist at my address. Matter of fact they can\'t understand that this business does not exist at all.

I have told them this many times.

Now I am going to start naming these companys that will not stop sending these mailings. TIME WARNER CABLE BUSINESS CLASS STOP YOUR MAILINGS!!!!!!!

Original review posted by user Jul 10, 2012

I keep getting mailings from many places for Grey LaPoint and Pager & Cellular Comm Depo at my address. The business no longer exists and Grey LaPoint has not lived here for over 10 Years.

My address is listed on the internet under this guys name and this business that no longer exists. I get at the least 15 or more letters a week for this guy. I get it stopped and then it starts up again.

The only thing I can find out about this guy is that he lives in Lima Ohio. I would like to know what this guys address is so I can forward all his junk mail to him.

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