I think there is a big market for over the counter Luxury Car Cologne I have used various car colognes however one that sticks to me is CARALL / GLARE OCEAN SQUASH scent which is not over powering however people are spending more time in their cars commuting in large cities and smelling something very soft puts the driving and passengers in a pleasant mood while listening to their favorite music.

I say Luxury Car Cologne because people driving expensive cars are more apt to put more into their cars. I think that it is worth the test market in places such as your stores and Malls.

I think there is market here just for that if not only with BMW / Mercedes / Land Rovers / Cadillac / Lincoln / Lexus / Porsha / Jaguar / Tesla / Bentley / ect...

My name is David Jemison01@gmail.com I am interested in knowing what you think about the idea. Like

Product or Service Mentioned: Carall Air Freshener.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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