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I have just spent money on clothes and got to the register when the staff member asked me if I need a bag. And wanted to charge me for a plastic bag what a laugh!!!!!!!

I refused to buy a bag on principal and left my goods on the counter.

You guys want clients? but lowering yourselves by asking the client to pay for a bag after spending so much money in the store I was so upset and pissed off.

So in order to satisfy myself I went back later into the store and filled up a trolley with goods and was at the register for a while during the busy time. But when it was time to pay i said to the staff member do you want a bag now to put your goods inn. He looked at me not knowing what i meant?And i just walked out laughing my head off, cheese it was funny I am still laughing writing this incident.ha ha ha ha

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Are you sure you are telling the whole story? You sound more like a teenager than an adult.

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