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To Whom It May Concern, I write this email in hope that you can help or guide me as what is the correct procedure is solving my dilemma. Situation is that I married my girlfriend Shagufta Ambreen, on the 29.05.2009.Thinking I had found the perfect partner.The wedding took place in the courts of Karachi, Sindh.I went to every length and struggle to marry Shagufta Ambreen, I even took on her family and went through ***.Eventually everything settled down everything went fine for a while us as a married couple. Anyway, after a while my in-laws again started trouble for us and I had no choice but to borrow money from family and friends and send her to UK on student basis. Upon Shagufta Ambreen's arrival in the UK my in-laws settled down and gave me no more trouble.Shagufta Ambreen stayed in contact with me and all seemed well. Little did I know that this was part of a huge scam in Pakistan.Girls here often trap men in a love relationship and go to

great lengths to marry. I have spent my life savings in addition to occurring loans.Shagufta Ambreen also took gold I bought and large sum of cash. Shagufta Ambreen has disappeared in the UK and is longer in contact with me.I have registered an official complaint with the local police and concerned authorities in Pakistan. I recently checked all the paper work, visa application and to my surprise found that she has stated her self as single (not married) on the student visa.Shagufta Ambreen should have been attending

London school of business and finance (L.S.B.F).I also checked with L.S.B.F and learnt that Shagufta Ambreen is no longer attending here ACCA course (student role No: AA 1236011). I believe that Shagufta Ambreen is an illegal immigrant in the UK as she obtained a student visa on false information and fake documentation.I am led to understand that Shagufta Ambreen is working full time and sending money to support her

family or illegal group in Pakistan.Shagufta Ambreen is breaking every visa regulation law in the UK. Last UK mobile number's I have is 07588472040, 07424804531, 07402570387.Skype i.d is emanali1983.Email add: aliemanali01@yahoo.comD.O.B 04.08.1983 By sending this email, I disassociate my self from Shagufta Ambreen.I do not want to be caught up in any illegal activities or scam. I can provide all the evidence and documents upon request.Please kindly look into this matter with the priority and help! Thanking you in advance for your kind help and attention. Mr Zulfiqar Ali+923422410002, +923335529048

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