I run a company. I took today off (and as a result, so did the people who work for me) because I got a delivery notice yesterday saying that we had missed the delivery at my home.

This was an important delivery and we told UPS that we needed the delivery by 5 pm, they agreed to make that happen. The package did not arrive. I called them back and was told that that the package would definitely be delivered by 7 pm (only 2 hours late).

It is now after 8 pm and the package has not been delivered yet. I just spent an hour on the phone with them, they said it was because it is Friday "and it is very busy". I suggested that maybe a company of that size should be able to anticipate that Friday might be busy and put a few extra drivers on. I have lost a lot of money today because I had to sit at home and wait for the phantom delivery driver. UPS says they will not pay me back even though it was their screw up that caused this. Although they did offer to give me some free deliveries. I enquired why I would ever want to use them considering the level of service I was receiving. This was met with a stony silence.

Now I am told that the driver will be her between 9pm and 10 pm. But definitely not more then 5 hours late. I wish I believed them.

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