Whatever the name they use. The product is billed from a foreign company, place.

That in itself is OK but how could you recover your money or sue, you can't too small potatoes. Be careful, do not order do not use, it does not work,matter of fact it makes your computer slower. I suspect it even sents virur's. You cannot e-mail, telephone them, no comunication just run around,they have it well disguised and you cannot penetrate there armour.

They are real good at that, if only they would use there skills on legit product. They bill you and claim you owe more and will tell you they will bill your credit card company. I know they tried it with me. But, I advised my credit card company not to pay as I did not, do not want their products.

As, you can see by all the other hits and complaints, don't go there.

You will be sorry.

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