After waiting three weeks for delivery of an item, I called customer service. Only then was I informed that the item was back-ordered.

Apologies were made as well as a promise that the item would be shipped ASAP. Weeks later the wrong item was shipped to me. I emailed customer service and received a computer-generated reply stating I would receive attention within 24 hours. Days later with no reply, I called and was put on hold for a half hour (understandable as it was now the beginning of the holiday season).

When I finally spoke to a rep, she was extremely rude, so much so that I asked to whom I was speaking. SHE HUNG UP! I called again the next day because I thought there would be a shorter wait time. This rep was also rude.

At this point I have sent the item back that was erroneously with a promise of a credit for the shipping as well as the item to my account. I will post with the results.

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