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Beware of renting this apartment: 27-31 Mitre Street, Apt. 2, London EC3A 5BZ

It is offered for rent on SabbaticalHomes.com (and perhaps on other websites) by

Dr. Mary Dengler

Address: 1 Prescot Street, Flat 13

Phone: 44-788-792-6156

Email: marydengler@yahoo.com

We rented 27-31 Mitre Street, Apt. 2, for 6 weeks in response to this listing on SabbaticalHomes.com:


We paid the rent in advance along with a $1000 damage deposit. When we arrived, we were horrified to discover that there is a major construction site for a high-rise tower immediately across the narrow street in front of the apartment. The deafening noise from that construction site made much of the apartment uninhabitable from early in the morning until quite late in the evening. How bad was the noise? See for yourself. Links to videos we made to document the problem can be found below.

When we contacted Mary Dengler asking her to terminate the lease and refund the rent because of the noise, she flatly refused.

We posted negative review of the apartment on SabbaticalHomes.com. Mary Dengler wrote to us saying that filing a negative review constituted damage to the apartment, and that she would not refund our damage deposit unless we removed the negative review. (After we complained to SabbaticalHomes.com, the deposit was returned.)

Mary Dengler’s listing on SabbaticalHomes.com was clearly misleading and deceptive. The attractive photos that are included in the listing skillfully conceal the existence of a huge construction site immediately across the street from the front of the apartment. In the sitting room of the apartment, a wide wall of windows overlooks the construction site; the windows are the dominant feature of the room. In the front bedroom there are two windows that overlook the construction site. However, the photos of the sitting room and the front bedroom avoid showing any of the windows. The only windows to be seen on the listing are in the rear of the apartment, overlooking the small garden. The text of the listing avoided all mention of the construction site. No mention of the construction site was made in any of our correspondence with Mary Dengler prior to our arrival. Had there been any hint that the apartment overlooked a large, noisy construction site, we most certainly would not have considered renting it. You shouldn’t either.

The bottom line is that Mary Dengler is a deceitful landlord who may try to withhold your damage deposit if you give her apartment a negative review. There are lots of vacation apartments for rent in London. You would be very unwise to rent this one.

Links to videos documenting the noise problem at 27-31 Mitre Street, Apt. 2

7/21/15 -- 12:05 PM


7/23/15 -- 8:30 AM


7/28/15 – 8:18 AM


7/29/15 -- 8:27 AM


Reason of review: Misleading and deceptive apartment rental listing.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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