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I applied for a loan modification and was denied after 8 weeks of calling and submitting the forms requested. It was my understanding that we would have the help needed if that isn't a big Lie!!!

I don't understand since I met all the critierias needed for a modification but yet I was still denied!! What happens with all the billions of dollars that the banks are getting to bail them out of all these no nonsense loans that they have and yet us people that were put into those *** loans have to loose everything !!

If it wasn't for us these bankers and loan officer wouldn't have a job. but yet they continue to have all this money and it isn't doing us any good to apply for something that doesn't benefit us!!

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nope, the jokes on you!! if Litton loan servicing is involved our business is fee based to yield the highest return ie: if you have equity LLS CAN STEAL?

HOW CAN LLS ADD ADDITIONAL FEES WE EVEN AT out option lower the interest rate and increase the pmts!

funny ? the obama rewards Liiton Loan Servicing with even more $ for thease

and more CRIMINAL ACTS :eek

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