I received a court summons for Dec. 08 regarding some old account. I mailed two certified letters requesting vendor's name, amount of debt, date of last payment and copy of signed contract.

As of today 11/20/08 no response. I am in California, is it legal for them to garnish Social Security Checks?

Is it legal trying to collect after the statute of limitation for credit card debts in CA is three years? I shall appear in court anyway.

Thanks for your help, I am disable and I have to be prepare for them.



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Jason Tillo--You apparently work for these jerks! Or you don't have a heart--NO WAIT!

IT'S BOTH!!! How dare you excoriate a disabled person!! I hope you become disabled, and see how easily you can pay your debts, you LOSER!!


Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #47061

I would like to add one P.S. If your disability is preventing you from paying your debts on time. Maybe they should not allow you to have a credit card since you are not capable and mature enough to pay your dues when due.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #47060

It is also illegal not to pay your debts, and immoral to wait for the statue of limitations to take over so you can't pay your debts. Does not matter whether you have a disability or not.

Why did you have to write that you have a disability at the end of the letter. Do you expect people to feel sorry for you because of your disability? Do you expect special treatment because of your disability? I agree with you, hopefully they sue you so you learn your lesson.

Whether you have a disability or not you still have to follow the rules. Hopefully if you are jailed they have accessability for your needs. If it is a fine, hopefully you can afford a fine. Seriously though if you can't afford to pay your bills how can you afford an attorney?

Why did you not pull your credit report like you said? Is it because your disability is a learning disability which makes you not be able to think and reason like a normal human being. Or is it becausue your disabiliity makes you forget things.

You need to grow up and stop using your disability to your advantage. Quit acting like a nine year old and face up to your actions.

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #47046
:roll Good for them! I hope they get their money back. Theif.

Oh, by the way... it helps to pull up your credit report at least every 12 months to check it for stuff like this. But, in the end, I hope they do sue you and get back every penny owed to them, as well as attorney and court fees.

Have a great day!

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