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LINTON BEAVERS IS A LIAR AND CROOK!!! The phone number he uses is 313-399-8543.

RUN do not walk away from this CROOK! He knows nothing about contracting, electrical, plumbing, or building anything that people actually live in. Everything that he touched on my brick house was a disaster--- from installing the wrong size, upside down, wrong side door knobs, to this *** chiseling into beautiful brickwork to install the wrong size side security door. HE is a liar, crook, manipulator, and has a problem with real skills tradesmen asking him questions about his shoddy work.

Ladies and gentlemen he got me for thousands. I don't want this to happen to any other hard working, honest person. THIS dude is a disaster walking. I forgive him but I won't ever forget.

He lies about everything with this fake Christian face. Christian that I know don't smoke cigars, lie, manipulate, and try to hustle people. He will start off with this sad luck story that his wife left him after 40 years...Boo Hoo. I can see why she left you---miserable, mean, and down right spiteful pretender.

Did I say that this OLD Crook pooped in my sisters toilet and turned the water off when she told him to get his *** and get out. Yeah this is the type of NON SKILL Trades person he is . If his mouth is moving he is lying. He preys on women and churches.

Coming on like he is the truth but really is the ANTICHRIST!!! I put this up to warn everyone, everywhere. LINTON BEAVERS is the KING of SHYSTER. Homeowner beware!!!

He is lying if he tells you he is licensed cause he isn't. He is lying if he tells you that he has tools. He doesn't. He is lying if he gives you a quote for work to be done.

It's going to change and keep changing with this CROOKCROOKCROOKCROOKCROOKCROOKCROOKCROOK! RUN do not walk away from this CROOK!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Door Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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You've publicly called someone "the Antichrist".

Pretty serious accusation.

You've shown a sheet of plywood covering a window. There's also an issue with the bricks in the corner.

Looks like a vehicle hit it.

Looks like a pretty old house in need of more restorative services as well.

You didn't tie the issues this old house clearly has to Mr. Antichrist.

Without more back ground info, I'm not ready to send him to Hades.

And if he is as horrendous a human being as you insist then I am sure powers greater than you and me will handle it. You may or may not have grounds to sue for recovery, but you can't get blood from a rock ...

to Smitty #1379574

God is just. I’m sure as with us all he will reap what he sowed. Thanks for your comment.


Better be careful with how you post things these days on the internet. Maybe he is maybe he isn't but your comment would likely help him with a defamation case should he decide to pursue one against you.

Think before you post.


to 23502 #1379576

I hope he does attempt litigation. I did think before I posted which is why I posted to let innocent people know not to do business with him.

I never thought I’d be attacked for telling the truth but ok.

Even with that, I hope my post prevented anyone from being cheated by this guy. Thanks for your comment.

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