Clark, New Jersey

my granddaughter asked for the lightup pillow for christmas. she was very happy when she received it.we put the batteries in , it worked for a little while.

we thought it was the batteries so we replaced them with new batteries. it did not work. we did not want my granddaughter to be disappointed so we bought her another pillow. that one did not work at all.

we returned them to the store and received a refund. i am very pissed off . my granddaughter is very unhappy the pillows did not work. i am very unhappy with your product and would not recommend it to my very worst enemy.

what are you going to do to make restitution to my granddaughter. please e mail me at looking forward to hearing from you. rita cabany 733-4th st secaucus,n.j.

07094. phone#201-864-9318

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