They stole our deposit of $4,500 and put account into collection. My wife and I were told when we signed on that we had 15 days to change our minds.

When we went back and turned in our membership kit. we were told to wait in another room for a representative who would be with us in a few minutes. A couple hours later we were told they would not honor our request to cancel and we would have to come up with the balance or they would take legqal action against us. Later we went to them (at their invitation) because they said they would sell the timeshare for us.

When we got there it was another presentation to try to scam more money from us. No effort was ever made to sell or to assist us in selling the timeshare. when we refused, they placed our account in collection and listed it as a foreclosure. We never received one days use, nor any other benefit from what this experience has cost us.

My wife died and my credit is ruined.

I am 77. Just another senior who they scammed.l

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