i ask them to put in two spark plug and wires in that i gave them and check why engine light was on and airbage was told after all was fix they said.looked at the two i neede replaced those two was not touch and they kept the newparts i gave them and said to me all is good.talked them about it and they said o i thoght they did fix it and made the engine light go off by fixen another that needed to be replace now they said they dont know why airbage wont go off and now i have a brake light on due to then missig with my van dont know now another light is on on my dashbord this is not the first time ploblem we have happen to us sence we bought this van day one problem not enough room to put what happen and its all thing that this company has done to me and my family all we wanted was a car and we got them makeing sexul remarks,lying to us about fixing part when they didnt touch or van,fixing one part and then messing up another part of our van and then say it was like that before . i now dont think our van is ok for my family to be in dont know what they did to it i think they mess with my breaks when they should not have touch them not what i went in for.

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