They took my pell grant and my student loan saying that i owe them 2350.00 for failed classes. but, i did not fail them .

iwas told that if i passed the last four blocks of classes that i would not fail . well i took them and i passed them and they still failed me. i had been having problems with the instructors from the beganning because once that they found out that i was a 54 year old student they told me would,t i rather be home sitting on the porch rocking my grand children,what kind of instructors would say this. also they have sent back my second half of my pellgrant that i was suppose to get this month and my student loan and sent me a letter today saying that i owe them 2350.00 well.

that,s *** because my student loan paid them in advance . and when i told them this they got nasty with me .i just withdrew from the school on the 9th of this month . that school caused me nothing but headaches and heartaches and left me frustrated and aggravated and i want to do something about them .

so. yes, please include me in your lawsuit against them.

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