On 12/17/10 I had an appt.for my dog to be groomed. I was told to bring her in at 9:30 AM, which I did.

When I dropped her off Roxanne said my dog was 2nd in line to be groomed. Roxanne was going to bathe her and the groomer was due to be in at 11:00. I asked Roxanne when I should anticipate coming back to pick her up. She said about 1:00 but she'd call me.

When I didn't hear from her at 1:00 I called the store and spoke with the groomer, Nora. She told me that my dog was not 2nd in line but that there were 3 dogs ahead of her. I asked how that was possible and she said Roxanne made a mistake in scheduling. I told her we were leaving town at 5:00 and I needed my dog done before that.

She said she would. By 4:00 I had not heard from her so I drove back to the store. My dog was still in the cage that she'd been in for 6 1/2 hours since 9:30 that morning with no water and had not been taken out to go to the bathroom. When I confronted Roxanne about this and asked to speak to Nora I was told Nora was at lunch.

I couldn't believe my ears.

I waited for Nora to return and asked her why she hadn't called to let me know the dog wouldn't be ready by 5:00. She denied every speaking to me and was surly and rude and never offered an explanation or apology.

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