this company took over financially for our old landlord and there manager lied to good,quiet,rent paying and very ill tenants for who knows why but we are extremely unhappy with how they have conducted themselves. my family has always payed rent on time and wanted to get out of the area to a safer place and there manager told us he would get us into a new apartment and due to a person in our household having cancer he would have his "people" move us.

he then told us after collecting rent that his partner rented the apartment but would find us another place by giving us a list from his Realtor of other apartments we could choose from. after 4 times of being stood up we finally figured out we were being conned and lied to. taking advantage of people that are poor and suffering great life threatening illnesses seems to be this companys way to conduct business. we also contacted the lawyer for this company and he told us we were lying.

that this man could not possably do this.

well, i think he needs to find out the character of the people he is working for. i am sick of people taking advantage of poor people and thinking it is okay because they are at a higher place.

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