Bought product early for Christmas presents (poor choice) Used mine and it burned food, spilled over, hard to clean. Recieved no extra iimplements with it.

Paid $209 and they are billing me for $59.82 more. Customer Service Rep. states won't let me return mine because it is past the 90 days even though it does not work. I am embarrasses as the other probably don't either.

Told them initially they were Christmas presents and would not be opened and used until then. They just said "sorry" and turned me into a collection agency.......Another complaint. Smart alecky people on this site take up for the company saying buyers should know better. No!

these company practices should stopped. They are taking advantage of honest people who see other people as honest,too, as it should be. It is bad enough being ripped off without the know-it-alls saying, it is good enough for you for trusting.

You should know better. What would the world be without being able to trust anyone and anything!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Customer Care.

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