my name is biva22@yahoo.com.all my friends quit playen with me in texas holdem.today they told me why.nerdaanother player went into lobby somehow used my name biva22 wrote a bunch of lies about me they all believe it because of my name biva22 was used .how did she do thatuse my name.no one will play with me because of her lies she started in lobby on me.what can be done about what she did? please help me clear my name .i have played for years in club pogo .im not the only one that has problens with her please help me thank you.biva22

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you guys would want to know how someone could use your name.all i was asken if any of you brite people out there could tell me how someone could get my private info.hope this does not happen to any of you.if it does you would be upset .i didnt write it and whoever did got my private info somehow.you bunch that has comment on it dont understand what im asken going over your heads .let someone write *** and sign your name ,hummmm not cool.i just thought we all were safewith our private info.hope it does'nt happen to you.biva22


Are you retarted?


you are so rite.biva22


i cant tell nedre how sorry i am.i was wrong.and if i could change what i wrote i would.she did not do this to me.im sorry,and thats not good enough.so if you want ,write whatever you want about me i deserve it .again im so sorry nedre.sharon AKA biva22

Keningau, Sabah, Malaysia #244991

Run home and tell mommy all about. Get a life, you f*c*ing ***.

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