Purchased 2 sets of frames/lenses in late October. Glasses recieved in 2 week time, but needed adjustment requiring new lenses for both frames one lens scratched( incorrectly measured and cut) new order placed November 4 th.

no phone call. December 8th we called them and only one pair of lens was in and lab was still out of service for 3 more days. Request for call back when second pair of lens comes in. We call in on December 27 one set lens in, others not ordered.

Went in to have those cut. Hour later, informed that lab tech spoke with our Dr. and all should be good. Lens need cleaning and discovered scratchs still present.

Our belief that they handed the same pair back without doing any work. Requested immediate refund.

Trouble with system delayed refund for 7 days without their contacting us with any explanation. We always had to contact them.

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