I am not a very happy person!!! I left a comment yesturday on facebook and got a call back...they made me believe they were going to try to help me get my issue fixed and for free...not only did they not help me like they said but it got worse...I lost my 10% discount that they promised me and they did not even offer me free oil change or anything...I have spoken to my boss at the construction equipment dealership that I work at and he says that they have lousy service and he will no longer take any of his company vehicles nor his personal vehicle to Prestige or any of the Towbin owned dealers any more...I will also be not coming to them either and I will pass this on to everyone I know...I will also be reposting this to your site often...If this is how you treat a lifetime customer...then I don't want to be a customer at all...Thanks for nothing Josh!!!Chance Maynard.

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