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A couple of weeks ago I applied for a job at a local cracker barrel.Everything about the job offer was a lie.I was told i would get a certain amount of hours only to find out i was getting less hours than what they told me.They put you through hours of exams,they talk to you like you are a child,and they stress that the only way to get more hours is to work harder.They told me they were a great company to work for.Yet they don't pay you enough or give you enough hours to pay your rent.The whole experience was a bad one.I was disgusted.And get this we were at an eight hour orientation and they fed us skittles and other candy.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #225874

They probably told you that they would give you up to a total amount of hours. Say they promised you 40 hours max.

That means you can get up to 40 hours. If you want the job you have to do the exams. Probably talked to you like a child because you acted like a child and because you did poorly on your exam so they though you were a big three year old? Oh imagine having to work hard to get more hours.

They want those people working many hours if you work hard. Not if you are lazy and just expect pay for nothing. Not many places pay you much. If you want enough to pay rent get a better job.

You are lucky you were fed anything during orientation. Seriously what did you expect a full three course meal? Seriously looks like you expect them to give you hours and pay you for doing poor work. Also complaining about what they fed you during orientation is just petty.

If you were really that hungry you should have eaten before the orientation.

They are not a restarurnt where they feed you. Grow up.

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