Just another SCAM. I ordered a free trial on 7/25/2008, I received it on 7/30/2008 I was informed that that 7 day trial would START on the day I received the package; 1st payment made 7/30/2008 and I checked my account 8/2/2008 at 1:30am, they had taken another payment for the next month. I sent an e-mail 8/2/08 at 2:29am and a fax on 8/5/08 they said this is their policy. I spoke to two managers "ALEX, and then a "KEVIN." I would love to get my hands on that little creep. I contacted my Bank to STOP all futher payments. They got me at the start, got the trial pack, they hit my account the next day despite my e-mail notice of cancellation. can't we get together and sue or at least put these crooks out of business. In the mean time send them that junk back

More of their numbers




626-775-6346 fax

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