We placed an order several weeks ahead of time and scheduled the delivery date we wanted. When we tried to pay, they messed up our credit card payment and the paperwork. They double charged us and then returned the money but it did not post on the credit card until the next billing cycle!

They also miraculously changed the delivery date and pushed it for a month (we did not know about that until it was too late). It was just their typo, which turnes out is very convenient for them when they cannot deliver on time.

Two days before the original scheduled delivery, they called us saying that one item won't be delivered. When I asked for a compensation, they told me that the originally scheduled delivery was supposed to be a month later and that out of their generosity they misteriously offered us a delivery on the date that we originally wanted to get the whole order (such a coincidence!!!).

Bottom line - do not bother, go some place else. Unprofessional idiots!

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