Purchase a bedroom furniture October 18th and was told we would have it in 2 to 3 weeks at 2 and a half weeks I called to verify that would be in the following week I was told on Monday then I called on Sunday to verify again and was told it's backordered and told the associate I wanted our money back or the furniture on the sofa or he got the manager who sold it to us and basically he called my husband and I a liar he had told ys two months. We wouldn't have bought the furniture if we had to wait 2 months then we went to the store to get our cash money back he told me and my husbands that it was back ordered and that's what he told us we purchased the bedroom furniture which she did not because we would not wait 2 months with the cash money to pay for it now at this point we have called the regional manager we will not pay restocking fee no checks that we have to pay to cash out otherwise we are planning on talking to an attorney they have insulted us they have no integrity or accountability if that's what they want for a manager don't never get our business ever again

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