They keep send me This letter tell me that i granted that kind of money. But I want to know who true is this .

Please i need help i dont Want to be scam againg because Im a poor Lady And i dont have the money to send to her time to send it the change me betuneen $25.00 to $ 39.00 all the time . Please I need help if you be so kind thank you ATT Mrs Elba colon I don't know If the work with my sponsor but I want to find out what going on

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Salisbury, North Carolina, United States #973014

Please don't send them money. Please. Throw away the letter.


I looked up 'National Awards Advisory Center' (NAAC) and apparently sending them money only enters you in the sweepstakes. You didn't win anything and you're basically paying for an entry.

Bridgeton, New Jersey, United States #948024

IF someone tells you that you won some contest you did not enter... it is a scam

IF someone calls you on the phone and says you won some contest you did not enter...

it is a scam

IF someone sends you an email that you did not give your email address to... it is probably a scam

IF someone sends you mail that says send us money to claim your prize... it is a scam

Only give money for something you have in your hand from a reputable company.

Scams are all around us these days. Never divulge personal information to someone online, over the phone, or from a letter such as this.

Read the following for detailed information: http://pain-and-depression.com/Library/scam-defense-your-financial-safety/

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