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Lesley Jackson from Wales now living in Sheffield - also runs fraud sites Cymraes's corner (wales) caught for fraud/scam and ripoff report to police if you have any experience of this scam lesley jackson, lesley ann jackson, cymraes gwyllt, lady i blue, lady raven avalon, the gossip witch, cymraes, cymraes's corner, cymraes's corner fraud, cymraes's corner lesley jackson fraud and scam do not pay other England / Cumbria Wales

Lesley Jackson cymraes's corner run by lesley jackson is a scam and a fraud. It has taken 7 organizations and additional individuals to delve beneath this scam blog to find out the person who runs it lesley jackson also has a plethora of fake identities all to gain monetarily from those who read her blog. Lesley jackson has lied to the DMCA about her address proporting to live in a castle - ruthin castle, mold, wales (fraud) when she lives in a tiny cottage alone in sheffield uk with her terrier. So what makes a person create over 11 or 12 troll accounts in order to gain money? SHe also pretends to live in a castle she pretends to be a lady e.g. Lady I Blue, Amber Lady and Lady Raven Avalon

Guidebook For The New Witch a book written by Lady Raven Avalon is in fact written by Lesley Jackson. Amazon.com Guidebook for the New Witch & Wiccan by Lady Raven Avalon

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Owner & author information provided by amazon

Member Dashboard

Mrs lesley jackson, Member ID 7459

My Projects

Paperback Book

Guidebook For The New Witch

Available-April RoyaltiesOrder Copies3808975

Paperback Book

Guidebook For The New Witch

LEAVE OUR MEMBERS ALONE you freak! Amazon has provided us with full information which we have forwarded to this person who you have bullied for years. You are a disgrace and a liar with nothing going for you except greed. You are a stalker lesley jackson and we will feature this on all social media, pagan sites anywhere to show you up for who you are. Stop intefering in american wiccan affairs.

all those troll names you are completely outed and have a lot of explaining to do to your fellow "friends"! The pagan community has now completed our investigation into you lesley jackson and you are proven to be Lady Raven Avalon

other troll names do not be fooled by this woman

The amberlady,

Lady ivanna blue,

Lady raven avalon,

Bustin chops,


The leader of the childish coven of the fluffy bunnies

The extra sparkleex coven of the fluffy bunnies

Rita the seeker,

Cymraes gwyllt,


Cymraes corner,

Lucy black,

Lucy lockett,

Lucy blackthorne,

Right up to your mindless ranting on facebook in pap, gather, google, and all the others you cannot deny your deeds. you cannot deny the deeds. they are all there - recorded online, for all to view, in the various names and guises you uses to attack those who call her out as a the fake she is. how many other names lesley?

Then you decide to attack on the other side by yourself or with your mob of cheats

ravensgrove and lady abagail,

Gabby song from womp,

Reverend char norton,

Phaedra bonewits,

Christopher pallante,

Lazard rodriguez,

American council of witches,


A variety of individuals and interfere in the elections in the usa for acow which you do not reside.

You and your group pap are a scam. anyone who questions your group gets abused. you are a fake and a bully lesley. *** THE GODDESS -

In order to obfuscate her identity again and again this word lesley do you thing we are stupid. this time in

Rita the seeker or yet another hate group we have located

"lesley jackson this complaint presents facts, evidence and experiences of several individuals who have experienced first hand her cons and her stalking. yes, in the end, she stalks people, using her various profiles to see what they are doing and then take screen caps, or copy/pastes the material, omitting some of the material, or inserting names for other names. even threatened individuals by taking pictures of their children and insinuating she knows where they live.

She is a bully, a thief, a liar and is a very disturbed woman. at one time I felt sorry for her. but not anymore. she has chosen her path. she will have to live with it.

You stupid hateful woman the only thief and liar is you rita the seeker


Obfuscate yourself from your computer caught again ha ha ha ha

And ms lesley jackson goes on to quote please remember all of these are innocent victims of this vile woman

"the weekly owl also includes vague threats from some alphabet organizations which do not even exist outside of the imaginations of these two. the names will make you howl with laughter. whomp – watching out for magickal people. now, does that sound like a watchdog group, or a pagan community policing group to you? and the total membership is three people, unless you count sub-minion bullfrog as also being the squawking bird, then you have a grand total of two members. oh, maybe we could go with three if we include their new best friend smw, who gets a mention in every article I write here because it all goes back to smw, who personally is responsible for the founding of pagans against plagiarism. so, thank you very much smw, for providing the community with a way to alert all writers and artists to piracy, plagiarism and copyright violations of their work.

But let us return to looking at some very silly attempts to try to threaten some working members of the pagan community. there is also this medusa group… rofl medusa – magickal ethics defense group –

meet Mrs lesley jackson, Member ID 7459 lady raven avalon as authorized by amazon.com

My Projects

Paperback Book

Guidebook For The New Witch

Available-April RoyaltiesOrder Copies3808975

Paperback Book

Guidebook For The New Witch

thief liar and fraud https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/lady-raven-avalon-is-lesley-jackson-from-sheffield-uk-fraud-who-writes-blog-cymraes-corner-is-caught-lesley-jackson-sheffield-formerly-of-wales-is-lady-raven-avalon-evidence-from-amazoncom-c986379.html

Report this woman to the police if you have experienced any of her scammed or any of her identities

Lesley jackson amazon.com have confirmed that you are the author of Guidebook for the new Witch

and other books removed

love spells by lady raven avalon

money spells

career spells

8 in total Lady Raven Avalon owner of Black Raven Coven on Facebook (alongside Boudica Foster)

if you have any further details in relation to other troll names used by lesley jackson please contact on facebook

Just keep singing

other troll names do not be fooled by this woman https://cymraes.wordpress.com/

over 15 names have been located to date with 6 books written under lady raven avalon

Love spells

Money Spells

Career Spells

Guidebook for the new witch and many more

and all the same IP as lesley jackson wales

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https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/cymraes-means-lady-in-welsh-cymraess-corner-aka-lesley-ann-jackson-uk-fraud-c1022553.html#c1942816 @Another of cymraes stalking victims she has changed pagans against plagiarism into pagan news do you trolls think we are stupid? lesley Boudica? https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/lady-raven-avalon-is-lesley-jackson-from-sheffield-uk-fraud-who-writes-blog-cymraes-corner-is-caught-lesley-jackson-sheffield-formerly-of-wales-is-lady-raven-avalon-evidence-from-amazoncom-c986379.html going on for years

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