I have been reading complaint's about used car dealer's selling lemon's, these people are ***'s. The lemon law is for NEW vehicle's only and the only way it is considered a lemon is if the same problem happens multiple time's.

When I used car has issue's it's just that an old used piece of *** that you got for $3000, and you think it should be brand new! If you inner city ghetto monster's would save some money or at least have good credit then you would be able to complain, but when you have $1500 and bad credit what do you expect, do you actually think you deserve a really nice car that someone should just give you the money, no you deserve to drive old junk 1994 honda accords with extremely high miles , you people do not take care of your vehicle's you never change the oil never do maintenance and then you come here and complain someone sold you a bad car or *** uneducated ghetto self most likely broke the car acting like a gorilla.

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