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When I wrote out just how to do "3rd Rock From The Sun" with how I had to spell out to only have 2 jokes said once (That they were named Tom, *** & Harry, & how Sally Solomon was to only have legs up to her chin mentioned only once) I was never once contacted about it, and today, I am simply unable to just take the credit deserved, no matter of money involved on it.

Media companies go directly to Walt Disney mind on it, that any and all writers are not only supposed to be cut off from their works, but that they are not good, right or respected people enough to even allow them a voice unless directly provable plagiarized. Seriously, test it for yourself, go to ANY facebook, twitter or Q and A site, and just *** out a poem, good or bad, and it will be directly taken from public viewing before the Internet Archive, Wayback Machine, does its 1/4 hour snapshot of the internet.

Apparently, by courts it is all completely legal. Go right ahead and TRY contacting ANY copyright lawyer for any of it at all, and their actions too will prove this GREAT malfeasance.

Over the last 40 years, it is verifiable fact that 90% of ALL copyrights are nothing but stolen, and the Writers Guild seems to take pride in it and does not one thing about it, even as a thing is cut and pasted onto their submission pages where there is direct link to the Q and A site it was copied from.

If you file for any form of policing on it, the FBI directly goes into your computer, does a snapshot of it, and does some VERY malfeasance things on it as well, proven over 3 times now. I did that last week, and found that one web portal that was incriminating that I ogled some teen *** and *** like that. And they expect us to respect authority at all? WTF?

With so many nations on the planet being 1/2 way decent at all anymore, the USA really has proven very much that its systems are beyond corrupt, and there is just not one single way of correcting it, even if you CAN afford the lifetime to correct one small thing.

We humans put up, step up, and do shut up to get out of everyone elses way, and it is far past time that most businesses do the same, put up, step up, or just shut up and get out of everyone elses way.

Reason of review: Copyright lawyers DO NOT CALL A PERSON BACK in order to PRESS CHARGES..

Preferred solution: SOURCE check on Q and A sites to SEE how someone is DIRECTLY PLAGIARIZED, if not also USE the Internet Archive, Wayback Machine..

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