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I needed to call my friend's cell phone to have him effectuate a meeting since I had left the number at home. I didn't have any change and it was cold. I did have my debit card so decided I could call on my card. I had no idea how much it was but decided it could not be much more than the $1 offered on the phone itself.

My friend asked me to call him back in a few minutes to allow him time to call the third party for directions. I went into the store and used the ATM so I could make the call myself without having to jump through the hoops to get an operator to assist. I made 5 attempts to place the call without operator assistance however my information was not being recognized. The price for this call was only $1.00 for 3 minutes.

When I returned with change in hand to place my second call, the phone would not accept my quarters. They were sticking just inside the slot. I was forced to use my debit card alternative one more time. The next day I was checking my online account and discovered the 2 ridiculous and exorbitant charges of $19.75 twice!

Rip off, thieves, non-disclosure!! They need to pay this money back and change their rates.

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omg! i got charged 18.44 on my debit card for a collect call that i tried to accept and i ended up not even getting connected.

i called legacy after seeing that charge and they told me that i was connected for less than a minute and they have to charge me for aminute. they couldnt even explain to me why it was so expensive and the representative wouldnt let me talk to anyone else but him!! Definitely a scam and I'm going to try to do something about it. They misrepresent their rates.

I also posted on another site i found it w hen i googled legacy phone compant scam. you should post their also.

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