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I ordered from Lean Body Burn July 5 for their trial offer. I was charged $3.87 and then $87.47 on my credit card.

I called my credit card company and talked to the dispute department. The credit card representative called the company with me on the line and explained that I was not supposed to be charged for the $87.47. The foreign lady who was hard to understand, said that I was supposed to have cancelled within 10 days and that I was going to have to pay the charges. I agreed and then we cancelled my account.

Then I received my August credit card statement and there were charges for $2.95 and $87.47 under the name Diet Max. I got online and found that this was the same company as Lean Body Burn and that alot of other people were upset with this company because they were being charged over and over. One person said that the only way to stop Weight Loss Systems is to cancel your charge card, which I have done. I have filed complaint reports with my credit card company, with BBB of Florida (who have told me they can't help and to contact Attorney General office of Alabama,with Division of Consumer Services of Florida, with PeopleClaim.com.

and with Ripoffreport.com. Everything is still up in the air at this time.

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Je suis malheureusement dans le même cas, j'ai reçu mon produit d'essai et je ne souhaite pas continuer, mais impossible de joindre la société pour annuler le envois.

Je vais faire opposition sur ma carte.

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